{The Greatest Catch}

Thursday, April 03, 2014

{All photos by the amazing Vanessa Jergensen}
On a rock he stood
Looking for the greatest catch
In the river she waited
Hoping for a sparring match

Over ripples he knew
He had been caught
Under skies of blue
Reeling in that which fought

Through bruised palms and tight lines
Bending like a reed
In front of an audience
That gathered along the stream.

On a rock she stood
Pulling in her biggest trout
In the River he waited
Securely netting it to not jump out

Held tightly she did
To the opponent that had lost
Letting go of that which hid
Bravely beneath the rocks.

So proud of you, Molls for landing your biggest fish!
{Durango, CO : Animas River : 25" Rainbow Trout : 11lbs : 19" girth : 3wt rod, 4x leader}
And a special thanks to Ness & DJ for being two of the most selfless people I know.
You. both. are. amazing.
Happy Thursday, brave ones!
Your weekend is almost here.


Gillian Farber said...

Fantastic! Love it all, congrats on the big catch!

lucinda smith said...

wow, impressive. great verses to go with the great photos. ;)


Suzie said...

Small world. I have been reading your blog for a while. I was friends with DJ at Taylor and Vanessa's older sister Molly...and your friend Abby. Love seeing familiar faces. My husband just took up the hobby of fly fishing...too bad we live in Indiana!

Suzie said...

How fun! What a small world. I have been reading your blog for a while. I was friends with DJ at Taylor and Vanessa's sister Molly. So fun to see everyone on here. My husband just took up the hobby of fly fishing... too bad we live in Indiana!

Mandie said...

Holy crap! That's one big beautiful fish!

I really do enjoy viewing your pictures. You have a great eye & they are always so awesome. :)

Krameymartin said...

This is just so great! I can't believe you guys caught it all on camera. :) So rad.

Caitlin | The Siren's Tale said...

Holy moly batman, now THAT'S a fish!

Josh and Haley said...

Awesome fish! Hey didn't y'all fish in pisgah natl forest, near Asheville/Brevard? We are heading up there in May and I was wondering about a good place to fish. Thanks!

Timothy Loerke said...

Josh and Haley, we would recommend fishing by the hatchery. It's loaded with beasts! Especially at place called Humble Hole which is down near the water tower if I remember...walk just past the fish hatchery and it will be on your right. They don't call it Humble Hole for nothing...huge hogs that can be seen when the water is clear but can rarely be caught...humbling. Tight Lines and Best of Luck!

Josh and Haley said...

Thanks for the help Tim! I def. know where the hatchery is. Hoping we can wrangle the three littles and get to the water to fish this trip!

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