{Hive Split}

Thursday, May 15, 2014

On Mother's Day we watched our bees swarm the Maple tree above our hive.
It was a heartbreaking yet beautiful thing to watch!
{A hive splits when the queen decides to start a new colony due to an overcrowded hive}
Fortunately, our hive was strong enough to do a second split so we could
have bees both at the Harvest House and at the Bungalow.
This means Moll's and I could be harvesting up to 120 lbs of honey this summer!
Today I'm thankful for our bees,
for the honey they work so hard to make,
and for a best friend who continues to learn new things with me.
Happy Thursday, brave ones!


Jess said...

Man, this was a beautiful post to read :) I hope you and your bees have a successful and sweet summer!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet gift they've given you--deciding to let you have honey at Molly's and at your place.

I love your beekeeping.

Jo Farmer

Caitlin | The Siren's Tale said...

What wonderful news! I love when a bad situation ends up being a beautiful, blessed one. Hope you and your best friend have lots of honey this summer!

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