{Today's Letters}

Monday, June 30, 2014

Dear Mr. Loerke, you sent me this text while watching Brave Friday night. Thankful for your sense of humor and ability to care well for our offspring. Dear Co-dependency, I learned you at a young age from growing up in an alcoholic home. After years of self-work I realize I still have a long way to go towards healthy living. Here's to persevering and recovery. Dear Brave, whenever I sneeze you start crying. Whenever you have explosive poops in line at the grocery store I start crying. I'm glad we can express ourselves. Dear Timothy James, Wendell Berry once said, "Our model citizen is a sophisticate who, before puberty, understands how to produce a baby, but who at the age of thirty will not know how to produce a potato." Let's keep learning how to produce both.

Happy Monday, brave ones! What are your 4th of July plans this year?

{Evening Thoughts}

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

That time when I used my breast pads to pull the banana bread out of the oven.

{Gratitude} Lately

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lately I've been thankful for morning walks with those that I love.

For Noel's homemade hibiscus booch.

For afternoon crepes and good conversation.

For Sunday mornings and the encouragement that they bring.

For pickling homegrown cukes while listening to this.

For kisses on Bravey's bald spots.

For summer beer and bonfires in the backyard.

For Rowan's first year of life and the curiosity of little boys.

For handfuls of these eaten cold straight from the fridge.

And for sleeping babes in barefoot pajamas.
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy Tuesday, brave ones.
What have you been thankful for lately?

{Today's Letters}

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Timothy James, Confession : last night I wished you had boobs. #momlife Dear Rowan, recently we went on our first long board ride of the summer. Tony Hawk would be proud. Dear Breast Pads, I've decided you're really more like small tortillas that I stuff into my bra. If only I didn't lose you as often as I do my keys. Dear Mr. Loerke, you do things like this so I can go on afternoon runs. Thank you for helping me feel normal. Over and out.

Happy Monday, brave ones! What's one thing you always lose?

{A Black Mountain Birthday}

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Last weekend Bravey Train and I took our first road trip together to visit the aunties in North Carolina.
Some highlights included :
Listening to this song as we drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Nursing Brave at truck stops and hospital parking lots.
Eating ice cream and Skittles on the porch just like we used to with our Grandma Anne.
Waking up to the rhododendron trees outside my window. 
Eating leftover birthday cake for breakfast.
Watching Auntie C & Bravey fall asleep here.
Being gifted this book.
Watching my wombmate land a 24" rainbow on the Davidson.
Catching my first carp on the fly.
Getting caught in a rainstorm on the river.
Eating Auntie C's homemade blueberry oatcakes and bacon.
Ending the 9 hour car ride home with a celebratory trip through the DQ drive thru.
I'm beyond blessed to have lived 34 years and to have family just a day's drive away.
Happy Sunday, brave ones!

{Kaplink, Kaplank, Kaplunk!}

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A couple of days ago I took Bravey to experience one of my favorite childhood memories.
Picking blueberries!
I can still hear my Papa saying, "Two for your mouth, one for your bucket, Em"
We would make blueberry cobbler, blueberry muffins, and blueberry preserves
always saving a jar to open on the first day it snowed each winter. 
How sweet it is to pass these traditions on to the next generation of little Richmond offspring.
Bryant's Blueberry Farm is a 35 minute drive from downtown Louisville.
We'll definitely be back in a couple of weeks when it'll be prime pickin' time!
Happy Saturday, brave ones!

{Today's Letters}

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dear Timothy James PA-C, this morning I found you sleeping here after getting home from working a 12 hour night shift. Your efforts to not wake me up was nothing short of admirable. Dear Cabela's Cashier, yesterday you asked if I was Brave's grandma. Yep. Aaaaand that's how you get a 34 yr old girl to ask for a bingo cage and Luby's gift card for Christmas. Dear Bravey Train, I get more diaper ointment on your feet than I do your bottom but you never complain. Thanks for being easy. Dear Mr. Loerke, St. Mary of the Pickle is spoiling us rotten. Looking forward to eating homemade pickles on pretzel bun burgers with you this summer.

Happy Tuesday, brave ones! Hope it's good to you.

{Evening Thoughts}

Monday, June 16, 2014

Tonight's Goal :  Eat something besides cookie dough for dinner. #walkin #eatin #nursin #momlife

{Dear Papa}

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thank you for doing kangaroo care with me and for letting me root on your chest when I'm hungry.

Thank you for going to my dr appointment's and for providing health insurance for our family.

Thank you for washing all of my crevices and for digging bread crumbs out of my ears.

Thank you for swaddling me tight like a burrito so all my fixins don't fall out.

Thank you for carrying me in your waders and teaching me how to fly fish.

Thank you for explaining the difference between my ears and my nose.

Thank you for watching Frozen with me and for singing me to sleep.

Thank you for telling me all about the homegrown pumpkins we'll carve together this fall.

Thank you for helping me strengthen my trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles.

And thank you for letting me pee all over your clean shirts right before I poop in 5 minute intervals.
Happy Papa's Day.
Bravey Train

{South Holston & Curtis Creek}

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A couple of weekends ago we went fly fishing on the South Holston River in Tennessee.
The South Holston has some of the biggest brown trout this side of the Mississippi. 
We, however, didn't catch any of them. 
Just a few 10" browns and a couple of tiny rainbows.
The South Holston is best fished early in the morning or late in the evening,
both of which we weren't able to do with babes. #momlife #dadlife
The river is also covered in didymo aka "rock snot" which makes it incredibly challenging to wade fish.
Next time we'll get a drift boat!
Instead of coming back to Louisville,
the guys suggested Molls and I take the babes and fish near Asheville.
{It didn't take much convincing since you know how we feel about this small mountain town}.
The fishing was just as good as the food!
We caught rainbows, browns, and brookies on Curtis Creek.
My new Orvis 7.5ft 3wt rod was perfect for this small stream fishing!
Overall, we had a blast and it ended up being one of my favorite road trips yet.
Happy Saturday, brave ones.
Do you have any fun road trips planned this summer?

{Today's Letters}

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dear Tim "The Toolman Taylor," last weekend we became proud owners of a new miter saw and chicken fence. Your desire to build things with excellence inspires me! Dear MMR, since we've met you've taught me about prokaryotic organisms, ear infections, and the power of cream in your coffee. I like being your best. Dear RedEnvelope, we've received lots of gifts over the past month celebrating the birth of sweet Brave, but our new air plant is every new mama's dream when it comes to low maintenance. Thanks for keeping things simple. Dear Mr. Loerke, often when I look out the bathroom window I'll see you dancing in the garden with River. Your silliness is something I've always adored about you. Over and out.

Happy Wednesday, brave ones! What's one of your favorite gifts you've ever received?

{Afternoon Thoughts}

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reason #679 why I love being a mom : #batterbows

{Today's Letters}

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Dear Timothy James, in the midst of being a Papa to a five week old you've still managed to teach River how to run off leash. Thank you from the bottom of our jogger wheels for persevering. Dear Kate, just as I was about to eat a bowl of ice cream for dinner last night you showed up on my doorstep with chicken salad from Whole Paycheck and a willingness to change and hold a fussy baby. Your consistency in loving me these past six weeks has been humbling. Thank you for showing up. Dear Bravey Train, yesterday we ran together for the first time. And my vagina didn't fall onto the sidewalk. #success Dear Mr. Loerke, you relieving me of offspring duty last weekend long enough to fish without 10lbs of sugar hanging on my chest was glorious. Thank you for being my wingman and for loving our little more than catching trout. 

Happy weekend, brave ones! What are your plans? I'll be heading back to Asheville to spend time with Twinner for our birthday this weekend. Sunday she turns 34. We. are. old.

{Afternoon Thoughts}

Thursday, June 05, 2014

That time when you had to pee but your sleeping babe was attached and all the Baby BJorn straps fell into the toilet. #momlife
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