{A Black Mountain Birthday}

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Last weekend Bravey Train and I took our first road trip together to visit the aunties in North Carolina.
Some highlights included :
Listening to this song as we drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Nursing Brave at truck stops and hospital parking lots.
Eating ice cream and Skittles on the porch just like we used to with our Grandma Anne.
Waking up to the rhododendron trees outside my window. 
Eating leftover birthday cake for breakfast.
Watching Auntie C & Bravey fall asleep here.
Being gifted this book.
Watching my wombmate land a 24" rainbow on the Davidson.
Catching my first carp on the fly.
Getting caught in a rainstorm on the river.
Eating Auntie C's homemade blueberry oatcakes and bacon.
Ending the 9 hour car ride home with a celebratory trip through the DQ drive thru.
I'm beyond blessed to have lived 34 years and to have family just a day's drive away.
Happy Sunday, brave ones!


Sarah said...

Blueberries for Sal has always been one of my favorite children's books. I hope you and Brave enjoy it as much as I did when I was little!

Kristina said...

Looks like you had an amazing birthday! Birthday's spent with the people we love are the best.
It made me smile that you consider 9 hours away from them as "being close to them". I guess the emensity of the US makes distance relative. I also live 9 hours away from my family and I feel like I have never been further away from them. It's all relative. Happy Sunday!

Twinner said...

come back already, emo & bravey! ...and bring timo so we can ALL romp around on the hillside and eat our weight in ice-cream and skittles. what fun, what fun. no doubt, this year's birthday will forever be remembered as THE BEST!!!!

ps. thank you for documenting it… the pictures are wonderful treasures… just choice* (am i sounding like grandma anne??)


Elizabeth said...

Love the chacos!

Today's Letters said...

kristina, so true! twinner used to live 3 days drive away in california which makes 9 hours is so close!

twinner, the BEST birthday. maui is a close second but nothing will ever beat watching you land that 24" rainbow. #choice #choice #choice

elizabeth, thanks! i got them 13 years ago when i worked at an outdoor store. they've held up amazingly well considering all of the use they've gotten. #chacosforlife

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