{Dear Papa}

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thank you for doing kangaroo care with me and for letting me root on your chest when I'm hungry.

Thank you for going to my dr appointment's and for providing health insurance for our family.

Thank you for washing all of my crevices and for digging bread crumbs out of my ears.

Thank you for swaddling me tight like a burrito so all my fixins don't fall out.

Thank you for carrying me in your waders and teaching me how to fly fish.

Thank you for explaining the difference between my ears and my nose.

Thank you for watching Frozen with me and for singing me to sleep.

Thank you for telling me all about the homegrown pumpkins we'll carve together this fall.

Thank you for helping me strengthen my trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles.

And thank you for letting me pee all over your clean shirts right before I poop in 5 minute intervals.
Happy Papa's Day.
Bravey Train


The Real Me- TLF said...

One of the best letters ever. Happy first papa's day tim-o

Kristina said...

I agree...best letter ever! Brave is going to love to be able to read all about your adventures one day!

Happy first Father's Day Tim!

Trisha Krumsieg said...

That letter is the sweetest.

janie said...


Mandie said...

Aaahhh, baby butt! Ha! Very cute pictures. He looks like an amazing, loving daddy! :)

Meg - Life of Meg said...

Oh goodness, this is definitely a letter fave. So stinking sweet.

Lauren Peters said...

Sweetest. Letters. Yet.

Paulina McCabe said...

Sweet love letters.

chattynatty said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

Alyssa said...

We all knew that sweet babe would have BLUE eyes! Love it.

Today's Letters said...

Thanks for your kind words! I have a feeling you'll see more letters from Brave in the days ahead :)

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