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Monday, June 16, 2014

Tonight's Goal :  Eat something besides cookie dough for dinner. #walkin #eatin #nursin #momlife


Darline said...

This made me laugh because it is sooo true!

My heart melted a little because my mind went back to the days when I was nursing my twins and I'd stuff granola bars into the pockets of my robe or, at 2:30 in the morning, stand in the kitchen lit only by the microwave's light (door left open, the bulb is still burnt out 8 years later) and quickly inhale granola bars so that I could go back to bed

Momma's need their calories!

I'm knew to your blog and it's beautiful!

I'm a momma of three and being a mother gets better and better! It's the greatest thing I've ever done!

Congratulations and welcome to motherhood!


Today's Letters said...

Darline,your comment made me smile so big. I loved your story about stuffing granola bars into your robe. Being a twin myself I can also appreciate all you did to keep two little babes alive at the same time! Way to go supermama!!!

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