{South Holston & Curtis Creek}

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A couple of weekends ago we went fly fishing on the South Holston River in Tennessee.
The South Holston has some of the biggest brown trout this side of the Mississippi. 
We, however, didn't catch any of them. 
Just a few 10" browns and a couple of tiny rainbows.
The South Holston is best fished early in the morning or late in the evening,
both of which we weren't able to do with babes. #momlife #dadlife
The river is also covered in didymo aka "rock snot" which makes it incredibly challenging to wade fish.
Next time we'll get a drift boat!
Instead of coming back to Louisville,
the guys suggested Molls and I take the babes and fish near Asheville.
{It didn't take much convincing since you know how we feel about this small mountain town}.
The fishing was just as good as the food!
We caught rainbows, browns, and brookies on Curtis Creek.
My new Orvis 7.5ft 3wt rod was perfect for this small stream fishing!
Overall, we had a blast and it ended up being one of my favorite road trips yet.
Happy Saturday, brave ones.
Do you have any fun road trips planned this summer?


Marcy said...

Your trip and photos look great! What a gift it is to let your children enjoy so much of the outdoors.
Me and a few friends actually have a trip planned to come visit the Lou and stay in your BandB in a few weeks before I move to Hawaii for a bit. We are pretty stoked about this trip :) . Especially after seeing its beauty through your blog.
Have a great day!

Paulina McCabe said...

Love to fish.
Yes, I'm flying to AVL to meet my best friend then road tripping together back to New Mexico. If you have any fun or cool places that are a must stop, I'd love to hear about them Em.

Angela said...

I found your blog yesterday and it's now on my blog's sidebar! I just love it. Like you, I'm a gardener with chickens. So...about your question about road trips, we don't really have any planned, however, we do want to camp. We have 3 little ones and before kids, we were big campers. We've decided that it's time to get back into it!

Seth Thomas said...

Check out Eastern Fly Outfitters in Piney Flats. They're about 10-15min from South Holston. Great guys and will take care of any drift boat needs. While you're in, be sure to swing by Ridgewood BBQ. Never disappoints.

Beth Barron said...

HUGE Roadtrip planned - my pal, Drew, is trying to break the speed record on the A.T. this summer to raise money for some children without mamas and daddys in Uganda. He started this morning. I'm flying up to Pennsylvania in a couple weeks to live in a camper and help crew him. I plan on getting some hiking of my own in, but not in a rush. :)

Mandie said...

I love how you take the lil one on your fishing trips. It's just so cool & looking at your pictures makes me want to go fishing...even though I'm terrified of fish. Ha! :)

Kate said...

Italy with my mom, sister, niece and our cousin from England is joining us for a few days. We can't wait for the Clarke girls adventure.

Jillian M Schuller said...

Did you end up camping while fishing the Holston? Headed there in less than a month and still looking for the perfect spot!

Today's Letters said...

marcy, can't wait to meet you!

paulina, so many great places from ashville to new mexico! let me know your route and i'll see if i can help ya.

angela, glad you found us! camping with littles can be hard work but definitely something worth doing. i hope y'all get to sleep out under the stars sometime soon!

Seth, thanks for the advice! Will def look into both the next time we fish the S Holston.

Beth, that is huge! Two of my friends have hiked the AT but def not for a speed record. Best of luck to you both!

mandie, my dad taught me how to fish when i was 5. we hope brave loves it as much as we do!

kate, wowza! that sounds amazing! i've never done europe before but hope to some day.

jillian, we stayed at an airbnb but i'm sure there are several places to camp.

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