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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Dear Timothy James, in the midst of being a Papa to a five week old you've still managed to teach River how to run off leash. Thank you from the bottom of our jogger wheels for persevering. Dear Kate, just as I was about to eat a bowl of ice cream for dinner last night you showed up on my doorstep with chicken salad from Whole Paycheck and a willingness to change and hold a fussy baby. Your consistency in loving me these past six weeks has been humbling. Thank you for showing up. Dear Bravey Train, yesterday we ran together for the first time. And my vagina didn't fall onto the sidewalk. #success Dear Mr. Loerke, you relieving me of offspring duty last weekend long enough to fish without 10lbs of sugar hanging on my chest was glorious. Thank you for being my wingman and for loving our little more than catching trout. 

Happy weekend, brave ones! What are your plans? I'll be heading back to Asheville to spend time with Twinner for our birthday this weekend. Sunday she turns 34. We. are. old.


lucinda smith said...

happy birthday twinners!

Anonymous said...

you are rockin it mama!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you both!

And congrats on the vagina staying in place-success INDEED! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sunny greetings from a Long Weekend at the beautiful dutch coast! :-)

~Chris said...

Happiest of birthdays to you twinners!

kimm @ attract a man said...


I never shop at Whole Paycheck anymore.

Only costco now.

Man that baby is so cute. Don't you just love the feeling of the warmth and fulfillment of having a babe snug in your arms?


god bless and congratz,


chattynatty said...

Are you really twins? Maybe I didn't get that memo. Happy belated

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