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Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Timothy James, Confession : last night I wished you had boobs. #momlife Dear Rowan, recently we went on our first long board ride of the summer. Tony Hawk would be proud. Dear Breast Pads, I've decided you're really more like small tortillas that I stuff into my bra. If only I didn't lose you as often as I do my keys. Dear Mr. Loerke, you do things like this so I can go on afternoon runs. Thank you for helping me feel normal. Over and out.

Happy Monday, brave ones! What's one thing you always lose?


Hannah J said...

I don't know if you had to while you were pregnant but we have to carry these green books that have info about your pregnancy and midwife visits etc. I keep misplacing mine. I know they are definitely in the car today as we've been out this morning and I might be out this afternoon.

The breast pads I've got have sticky tape on one side so they stick to the inside of your bra (well as long as you make sure you've got them the right way round other wise they stick but don't soak lol).

I have a week and a bit to go and every keeps asking have I had twinges or any hint that baby is coming. I think currently bubba is well and truly comfy!

Roxanne said...

I have so loved these recent blog posts. I think Brave will love to look back at these when she's older! Also, I just want to say that I hope to be as adventurous as you are when I'm a mom! I was impressed by your Asheville road trip, just you and Brave! xo

Kelli said...

I lose sunglasses. Like crazy. I have 3 (cheap) pairs, but still regularly find myself unable to find any. They always turn up at a friend's house, or in hubby's car... Or in my school bag when all I have on me is my purse. I've tried strategically scattering them about, but it never seems to work.

Kylie said...

keys, oh my!!! - losing keys is my biggest talent. this morning i found them outside on the back table after we had the biggest storm of the winter. lucky they didnt get blown away. 35wks pregnant - and if baby brain is worse than pregnancy brain, im in serious trouble!!
But your posts give me hope, and reassures me that it will be ok!! xx

Today's Letters said...

han, any day now right? thinking of you as your body prepares to deliver your sweet babe!

rox, it's been a great test of faith to still do the things i did before brave was outside of the womb. i've learned that if i don't try i'll never fail. my failures are my best teachers!

kelli, you lose sunglasses and i brake them! too many pairs broken in my fishing waders :(

kylie, all. will. be. ok. INDEED! you can do it mama.

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