{Gratitude} Lately

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Lately I've been thankful for homegrown beets.

For a brave little girl who has made the Harvest House the Harvest Home.

For picking blackberries the size of my head.

For babes bigger than Swiss chard.

For french toast, coffee, and birthdays celebrated here.

For homegrown carrots that taste like dessert.

For a girl's night out at my favorite restaurant. {Thank you Erin!}

For homegrown lettuce.

And for friends who hold my little so I can eat a sandwich with two hands.
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy Tuesday, brave ones.
What have you been thankful for lately?


Hannah J said...

My parents! The last few days have been super tough and my parents have dropped what they've been doing and in some cases their sleep to come to my aid. I am just so grateful for them.

~Love Lis said...

My baby Henry. :) His smiles are the best! Can't wait to see Brave's when she's 3 months too!

Whitney Neal said...

You!!! And Brave snuggles during the storm.

Val Fenton said...

New experiences: watching my son grow and explore "boy stuff" like pretending to drive the gator. Watching my daughters barrel race for the first time; and I'm so excited they love it!
My husband, who has so much patience that it encourages me throughout the day.
Blogs: I've learned to appreciate "gratitude" and that it's okay to tell the world "I have a nice life.". Thanks!!

Annie @ Mismatched Simplicity said...

Two whoops and fist pumps all around for these happy snapshots. Love watching Brave grow and y'all get all settled into new routines. So great!

Mandie said...

I cannot believe how big your lil one is now! Holy cow! Beautiful baby. :)

B Jackson said...

Thankful for 4 months of marriage to my bride!

Caitlin | belong with wildflowers said...

Holy moly, those blackberries! I've never seen them get so big. Yum :)

Katie said...

I have been reading your blog for a few years and this is the first time I've commented. I love the quick posts and the great pictures that go along with it but my favorite are 2 things:
1. When you write, "Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough."
2. Dear Mr. Loerke, who always gets two letters.

Warms my heart. Love reading what you write and Congrats on Little Miss Brave.

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