{Summer Firsts}

Monday, July 14, 2014

First time for Tristan to hold Brave.

First summer peach.

First scoop of Graeter's seasonal banana chip ice cream.

First bath with Rowan.

First batch of pickled okra, beets & blueberry jam.

First blue egg from our pullets.

First summer BBQ.

First cherry tomato from our garden.
So. many. firsts.


Kyle said...

Summer brings so many sweet firsts, especially from the garden. Love this post.

Elise said...

Is your table made of pallets?

Kristina said...

Oh my summer is such a beautiful season! I can't wait for finals to be over this Friday so that I can leave campus and enjoy summer at my parents place. It's going to be awesome :)

Angela said...

Isn't the first egg so exciting? Our chicks are 17 weeks now and one of them just started laying. Every time she lays an egg, she sings super loud about it and the kids run out to check for the egg. Fun times!

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