{River Loerke} 22 Months

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Things River Likes: Rowan, eating corn and kale from the garden, Rowan, watching watermelon grow, licking the banana bread pan, and Rowan. Did we mention Rowan?
Things River doesn't like: Getting left behind when we go out of town
and tomatoes.

Happy Tuesday, brave ones!
{Other things River likes / dislikes : 2 mos, 8 mos, 9 mos, 10 mos, 11 mos, 12 mos, 14 mos, 15 mos, 16 mos, 17 mos & 18 mos}


Anonymous said...

River is such a beautiful pup!What does she think about being a big sister??

Amy Gaines said...

Love these posts! We have a yellow lab, and discovered this year that he LOVES corn and cherry tomatoes. Who knew?

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