{Black Mountain} North Carolina

Monday, September 29, 2014

Last week my Papa, Brave, and I drove to Black Mountain to spend a few days with the Aunties.
Some highlights included:
Morning talks on the deck
Twinner's coffee with a side of Andrew Bird
Windowsill buckeyes
Smoked beef sammies & my first Cheerwine
Angel Wing Begonia stories passed down over 30 years
Raspberry pickin' and beet pullin' at the community garden
Celebrating my Papa's 67th Birthday with a shrimp boil & homemade peach cobbler
Afternoon mountain views of the Seven Sisters
Peaches. Peaches. Peaches.
Papa's Banana Bread & Christine's Oat Cakes for brekky
Hammock naps
Late night ice cream runs to The Blue Cone
Reuben's & Grit Cakes on Louise's front porch
Campfire conversations with the great grannies
and breathing in the cool mountain air.
Can't wait to go back!


putter said...

Your pictures tell the story...perfect!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful nature, family and food pictures - looks like dreamy days! Love the last pic - she really, really looks like you!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I love it. Family time and simple sweet relaxation. Sounds blissful.

Twinner said...

you captured our week together perfectly… so grateful that we are now within driving distance after many years of holiday travel and carryon luggage! we loved having you at the treehouse! Looking forward to our next visit in October with Timo and Sugar Bee.

jess said...

oh my gosh. that b&w pic of your papa with bravey near the end...AMAZE. such a cherished heirloom photo to pass down, so beautiful of them both! glad you had a fun trip!!

Kristina said...

Wonderful pictures as always! It seems like you are making time every month to see each other and I think that's just amazing. Making time for family should always be a priority and I love how you celebrate and enjoy your time with yours.

Mandie said...

As usual, the pictures are beautiful & they really tell the story nicely. I love it. :)

Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

Emily Moses said...

There is so much magic in these pictures! Love the one of your papa and Brave!

Brooke said...

Love every single bit of it. What a treasure that trip was for your sweet family. xo

Today's Letters said...

putter & mandie, you both are so sweet! thanks you!

katharina, that's what tim says! i guess i stare at her all day so i can't tell who she looks like. i often see twinner in sweet brave :)

juju, time with family keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. i know this isn't always the case. i'm truly thankful*

twinny, jessss! can't wait! we'll scope out the lookout for bravey's first night sleeping outside :)

jess & em, it's my favorite from the trip! my papa wouldn't put her down the whole week.

kristina, i totally lucked out with a ballin family. we adore one another and truly love spending time together!

brooke, truly it was! headed back to the cabin in a couple of weeks. love having my family within driving distance of the harvest house. xo!

Anonymous said...

My favorite things in these photos, in no particular order:

a. Bravey/Mama hammock burrito.
b. Treehouses in the Blue Ridges.
c. Your Twinner holding Brave in a sun-drenched garden.
d. Babies in animal hats.
e. Longsleeve shirt and shorts weather. With bare feet, too? ...the best.
f. September monarchs stopping on their way down south.
g. Sun patches on weathered wood.
h. Family 'nana bread.
i. Time with papas and sisters and sisters in law.
j. Good meats way reasonably priced.

That's a long list. Because that's a lot of good. How'd your heart not explode from containing all that goodness?


MarK said...

I love that girls name. She is so blessed.

MarK said...

I love her name. She is so blessed

Jeff said...

I spot an MR340 shirt in that photo posting. Excellent.

Shelby Gough said...


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