{Dear Papa}

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thank you for helping me strengthen my abdominal wall & deltoids.

For telling me about medical procedures to make me sleepy for nap time.

For changing diapers the size of a maxi pad.

For giving me shoulder rides in exchange for forehead kisses.

For washing me in the kitchen sink when I blowout my diaper.

For being there to watch me roll over for the first time.

For showing me how to do a one handed toe grab.

For letting me pull on your ears and pee on your scrubs.

And for explaining to me the difference between how things sink and float.


Unknown said...

She is so cute! I bet you eat on her everyday! She is delicious!!!

Hannah J said...

I love these!! We have our own versions :) including holding Jaxon on his side and see which way he falls. Skin to skin cuddles to settle before a sleep. Today we watched Curious George for the second time in two days I think Jaxon likes the bright colours.

Nelle Somerville said...

I love her! Love the window into your world. xoxo

Jennifer said...

These are memories in the making and you do a great job photographing!!! She is such a cute little thing :)

Papa said...

Once in a while a girl gets lucky and has a dad just like Tim. Once in a great while!

Darianne said...

She is so precious! x

Mandie said...

These are some incredible pictures & ones that can be cherished forever. Nice job, girlie. :)

Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

Nayra Galaviz said...

These are so beautiful!!

Love how well you're capturing your moments with her and all of her baby-rolls and gloriousness.

What camera/apps did you use for these photographs?

Today's Letters said...

anony, yes! everyday i nibble on her ears and cheeks. can't help it.

han, so cute! brave is fascinated with all of the colors and shadows when we go on walks. it's so fun to watch their little minds grow!

nelle, you've been a faithful reader for a long time! thank you for sticking around and peeking through our window from time to time. xo!

jen & mandie, you're so sweet to say that. having an iphone helps capture the simple things of the day to day.

papa, your wisdom and love is endless. so thankful to call you MY papa.

darianne, thanks! we think so too :)

nayra, i take all of our photos with my iphone and edit them in an app called Afterlight!

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