{Gratitude} Lately

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lately I've been thankful for stuffed garden peppers smoked on the Green Egg.

For floor burritos.

For neighbors who teach me about Rooster Comb.

For watermelon kombucha on tap.

And for the last of summer's tomato harvest.
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy Saturday, brave ones!
What have you been thankful for lately?


Brooke said...

Happy Saturday! Lately I have been thankful to have a bedroom for our 4 month old! Up until two weeks ago we were living in an Airstream full time. Great story, bad idea!

You look to be starting the swaddle transition. How's that going? We are as well but she seems to spend a whole lotta time whacking herself in the face!

Also, your crib is beautiful. Can I ask what kind it is?

Ha, endless mom-shop questions. Have a good one!

Holli Roberts said...

Your little floor burrito, is deliciously adorable.

Ah those last sweet summer tomatoes, we are just about to plant our first few seeds and I can't wait.

Happy Sunday :)

Val Fenton said...

A marriage that just keeps on going! My nice little kids, they make me laugh. Opportunities to fundraise for the local NICUs. I just got my 1st donation for the 2nd Annual spring fundraiser. Eek! I'm excited and encouraged :)
Aaaand grateful for blogs and Twitter. There's some encouraging people out there!

Jenny said...

Grateful for runs with my dad, a husband who packs my lunch (complete with a note), and fantastic, supportive classmates in my grad school program.

That little babe is too cute! Thanks for the reminder to stop and be thankful.

Today's Letters said...

brooke, love airstreams, love 4 month olds, but... you are one patient and adventurous mama. so impressed! crib is a jennny lind. you can buy it on amazon :) and yes to the swaddle transition ... brave has always slept best when wrapped tightly in a swaddle. since she's started rolling over we don't swaddle her arms anymore. she still loves having her legs swaddled tho!

holli, aren't they the best? we'll harvest two, maybe three more times until all of our maters are gone. this afternoon i made salsa (round 2) and it tasted like sunshine- a gift considering it was 54 this morning!

val, congrats! that had to be so encouraging! keep at it girl.

jen, runs with your dad? that's awesome! my dad turns 66 next week. i can't wait to pick him up at the airport tomorrow!

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