{Ollie's Trolley}

Sunday, September 28, 2014

When my friend Whit was little she was rewarded with a trip to Ollie's Trolley
after getting shots at the doctor's office.
I loved this story so much that I asked her to take Brave and I to experience it's goodness first hand.
We ordered an Ollie burger "dressed" {unlike Brave} with a side of two seasoned fries.
It was pure greasy goodness.
Next time we'll order two burgers with a side of diaper bag.
Happy Sunday, dear ones.
What was your favorite childhood restaurant?


Timothy Loerke said...

I loved Goldies in Tulsa, OK because of the pickle bar. I would eat a bowl of dill circles before my burger came out. Mmmmm...pickles.

Val Fenton said...

The Bucketwheel. My older brother and I would go there for lunch. Fries and gravey! He was 9 and I was 7.

Meg - Life of Meg said...

Fritz's in Kansas City! Did you ever go there? I loved getting my food delivered by train!

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