{Our Fourth Honey Harvest}

Friday, September 19, 2014

{All photos by sweet Molly Roberson}

Last week we harvested a couple of frames of honey from our hive.
Even though this was significantly less than last year's yield due to splitting our hive this summer,
we still enjoyed being one with the bees.
Our honey this year has citrus notes and is sweeter than any of our other harvests.
{Which tasted more like lavender and clover}
Hopefully we'll be able to harvest a few more gallons of honey before winter.
We'll keep you posted if we have enough to sell online again!
Happy weekend, brave ones.
You. made. it.

{Our Hive :: First Harvest :: Second Harvest :: Third Harvest :: Hive Split : :
Checking the Hive :: Yield by Homeland}


Jona said...

These photographs are great- looking forward to one day being able to be one with the bees too!

pollen arts said...

Yum : )

We're using mediums, but those big deeps are beautiful to see all filled out like that !! Your girls build nice and straight comb : )

Buzz-Buzz, loVe,

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