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Friday, September 05, 2014

Dear Timothy James, to the man who makes me a shot of coffee at 5am so I can drink it at 8, you are the wind beneath my wings. Dear Keys left in the Door, I'm coming to accept you as my new normal. That and leaving the refrigerator door open. #momlife Dear Bravey Train, sometimes you come home from our walks without a diaper. Reason #657 why I'm thankful for woobie. Dear Mr. Loerke, in two weeks the Harvest House Loft is turning into a construction zone. Here's to gaining an additional bathroom, deck, and outside entrance to our Airbnb space. Keep that coffee comin'!

Happy Saturday, brave ones! What are you most looking forward to this weekend?


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I am excited to see my nephew play soccer this weekend! They live about 4 hours away from us and happen to be in town for a soccer tournament. SO EXCITED to be that crazy aunt who cheers for everything because she has no idea if what he did was good or not. ha!

Allie Rowe said...

Very cool that you're giving your airbnb space that private entrance - I'm an avid airbnb user and a separate entrance and outdoor space makes a huuuge difference! We might just have to visit ya ;)


Sarah Crosby said...

Coffee in the morning when you wake up is a dream. My husband makes fun of me for how much I lose my keys... and like you they are normally in my door or lost in the fridge when I put the groceries up. :)

I am most excited for a weekend on the lake with my family. Nothing fills my heart more than being on the lake with my crew.

Maria Lynn Shaw said...

My boyfriend makes me coffee every morning, I'm more grateful for that than most anything. Its wonderful.

I am most looking forward to being off of work and doing whatever the weekend throws at me. We just moved, so probably a lot of cleaning & unpacking, but that will be A-OK! So rewarding to have our own home.

Happy weekend! I hope you enjoy it. Congrats on the successful Airbnb!
Thanks for always brightening my day with your uplifting posts!

Val Fenton said...

You're expanding your Airbnb space??? Wowzers! And here I thought I would have to wait until my littles are big enough to leave so me and the hus could rent it ;)
Maybe it can fit a family of 5 sooner then later. Heehee!
My son came home without a diaper a few weeks ago...lol!
This weekend? Just hanging out with the kids tomorrow and a picnic with the inlaws on Sunday. A weiner roast in the Rocky Mountains befor ethe snow flies

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