{Today's Letters}

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Dear Timothy James, one month ago we were driving up the coast of California. Last night we played corn hole, burnt banana bread, and held baby chicks. Both experiences made me equally as happy. Dear Gralehaus, your brownies are handmade by angels. {Insert budget adjustment here}. Dear Brave, you still have sand in your ears from Oregon. Sometimes I put my face up to yours and pretend I can hear the ocean. Dear Mr. Loerke, those stuffed garden peppers you smoked on the Green Egg over the weekend were AMAZEBALLS. Reason #285 why boy roommates are the shiz. 

Happy Tuesday, brave ones! What's your favorite beach? El Matador in Malibu was gorgeous!


valerie lynn said...

I love your letters so much. please don't ever stop writing about the little things that make life sooooo beautiful!

sarah said...

Extra double points for using amazeballs in a sentence! :)

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