{Dear Papa}

Monday, October 13, 2014

Thank you for giving me airplane rides early in the morning after your night shifts in the ER.

For showing me how to blow bubbles.

For teaching me about smoked apple, cherry, and hickory wood with Papi.

For imitating a wild buffalo on our walks. #tatanka

For carrying me like a marsupial and dressing me in Rowan's hand me down flannels.

For teaching me the difference between the bench press and power clean.

And for keeping me warm while we catch brown trout on the river.


Angela said...

So much cuteness right there! He looks like a great Dad. You're blessed!

Cortney Soland said...

Did you mean power cling? Or was that a play on words that I missed? ;) I admire your adventurous spirit especially with having a newborn. I was too exhausted to be adventurous. I live vicariously through your blog! Thank you for your warm Christ-like encouragement and positivity!

Clare Hubbard said...

This is so adorable, I can imagine Brave reading these when she is older and cherishing them x

Today's Letters said...

ang, he really is a great dad!
cortney, def a play on words with the diapers, but not sure how many people besides you got it!
clare, that's my hope!

Mandie said...

Such love just jumps outta these pictures. I love it. :)

Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

Allie Rowe said...

cuteness overload. what a great poppa!


Anna said...

The "imitating a wild buffalo" shot made me laugh-out-loud. Too good.

Krista Jacobs said...

So sweet!


Lauren said...

Wearing Rowan's flannel! That's just the best.

Anonymous said...

I'll never tire of reading your posts. Always so heart-warming. :)

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