{Dear Papa}

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thank you for feeding me my first bite of real food.

For playing me like a trumpet.

For holding me in your lap before bedtime.

For taking me fly fishing.

For putting together my activity jumper that had a thousand screws.

For teaching me simple things like the importance of owning a good flannel.

For telling me you'd love me even if I had upper lip hair.

And for taking me hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the fall.


lucinda smith said...

my heart is swelling! theirs seems like such a sweet relationship that will morph in the best ways as she get older, i can see it already. happy wednesday!

Timothy Loerke said...

Brave, you are such a joy! I am loving being a father to you! Thank you for your grace and flexibility as I figure it out on a daily basis! It's a bonus that I get to team up with your sweet, beautiful, and witty mama! Love, Papa

Hillienc said...

What a great tribute to a great man. Proud to call you brother Tim! Thanks for crunching leaves and eating beef stew with us. Thank you for the delish Foothills Farms sausages on the open fire pit and for a little Defiant Whiskey, neat. You are the best and a great Papa to little Brave. much much love C

Esther Diehl said...

Wow. Tears, y'all! What a sweet relationship. A powerful glimpse of the father's love for us.

Jennifer said...

I say it every time but they are adorable together!

We are taking a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in 2 weeks!!!

Angela said...

So cute! I always love your blog. :)

Mandie said...

I love the flannel shirt picture...actually, I like them all but that's my favorite! :)

Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

Bridgett said...

Beautiful! But I love yhe photo of Brave sitting on his lap while petting River. Adorable girl and pup!

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