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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

When you forget the diaper bag and have to borrow a diaper from a stranger, clothes can wait.
{especially if you're on your way to Dairy Kastle}

Happy October 1st, brave ones! It's my favorite month of the year.
Tonight we pick up two sweet friends at the airport who are coming to visit from Dallas.
This week's agenda : rest, feast, play, laugh, repeat with a side of pumpkin everything.
It's gonna be memorable. 


Hannah J said...

Lovely Stranger to the rescue. I think it's something about Mums they stick together. The number of random mums I've chatted to since having Jaxon usually in random places like q department store elevator or the queue for the supermarket till.

lucinda smith said...

happy october! have a great week, sounds like it will be lovely!

Allison said...

Love this!!! Just look at all of her little rolls. The best! October is the bestest, and although it still seems like summer in Austin, I get to live vicariously through other people's foliage experiences on instagram. Good call on moving to Louisville. Sheesh. :)

Today's Letters said...

H, so true!
L, thanks sweet girl. You too!
A, we think so too, esp during this time of yesr! Xo

Anonymous said...

So nice you just made the best of the situation. You seem to be relaxed about it :-) Best way... That pic of brave! We have a holiday here tomorrow (of the german reunification), so we are all happy for a long weekend.

Hannah and Jesse said...

You guys. She is becoming such a chunk. And I mean that in the BEST possible way. Miss you. - H.

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