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Friday, November 14, 2014

Dear Timothy James, this morning I woke up to two paws on the baby monitor changing Bravey's diaper. Thank you for getting her dressed {after a night shift no less!} so I could stay in bed an extra 15 minutes. Dear Teeth, I've flossed you for the last 27 days. Tomorrow I go to the dentist. Somehow I think this will make my cavities disappear. Dear Auntie C, thanks to you Brave will know the difference between a Poplar and Rhododendron tree, grow up knowing the goodness of an oat cake, and spend her summers hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. So thankful for the way you love my offspring. Dear Mr. Loerke, t-minus 2 weeks until we feast on your famous fried turkey and I walk around rocking elastic sweat pants for 3 days. Gobble Gobble.

Happy weekend, littles. What are you most looking forward to?


Katie Falkenberg said...

Your comment about flossing before your dentist visit cracked me up -- I also try to do that before an appointment, but usually only think to do so a few days beforehand -- 27 days is impressive!
I'm most looking forward to heading to those Blue Ridge Mountains a week from today to visit dear friends.

Hannah J said...

Hanging with my Mum and a bunch of ladies from church this evening.

Heather Counsellor said...

movies in my pj's with my hubby. loads of popcorn and cider. You think they don't go together, but they do. ;-)

Lunch with my mama.

Wiping noses and butts while listening to giggles and little feet on Sunday at church taking care of 16 one year olds.

Life is good.

Anonymous said...

While I am definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving (my absolute favorite holiday - we host Friendsgiving each year and it always results in the best food and the best company), I'm most looking forward to the fact that my Explorer will be moving home to Montana soon after working out of state for the past two years. He gave his notice today and I could not be happier!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to baking first christmas cookies (I know it is so early, but last year time run by without baking at all, so I start early this year) and looking forward to next weekend to drive to my sis to see my niece and nephew.

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