{Tsampa Soup} by Patagonia

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Somebody put this in my stocking already.
What's one thing you want for Christmas this year?


RobbieD said...

How is it that EVERYTHING that Patagonia makes, they make it so cool. Must...have...Patagonia'life. Oh...right what I meant to say was, for Christmas I'm praying for groceries and heat for my family...as I might be losing my job next week due to layoffs.

Anonymous said...

This is the "cheater" answer, but I really hope for peace. These days it gets harder and harder to put a smile on my face with what I read in the newspaper and see on the television. So I would love peace--both inner and between the countries in this world.

I would also like a whole buttload of Smartwool socks under the tree.


Anonymous said...

PS. I'm putting a nice leather journal under the tree for a gift to both my husband and me. We write one another lots of letters on paper (my husband likes to make them into paper airplanes and send them flying to me) but a la the spirit of your traveling journal, I'd love to begin collecting them all in one little book. I'll put all our old ones in it, too. Thanks for the idea.


Anonymous said...

RobbieD - Just said a prayer for you that you don't lose your job...or find another very quickly!

I'm just praying that everyone stays happy and healthy this Christmas. And for support and peace for a friend who just lost her father.

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