{West Coast Road Trip}

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

{West Coast Road Trip: Malibu}

I can't believe it's taken me this long to post photos from our West Coast road trip this summer!
After landing at LAX we drove straight to the coast and saw the most beautiful sunset.
Here are some of my favorite photos from El Matador Beach in Malibu.
It was the perfect start to our 10 day road trip!
Stay tuned for more pics.
Happy Tuesday, brave ones!

{West Coast Road Trip: Big Sur}

"Something good will come out of all things yet - and it will be golden and eternal just like that."
- Jack Kerouac {Big Sur}

One of our first stops in Ventura was the original Patagonia store and tin shed where
Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, first started forging climbing pitons.
It was amazing to see!
Next we headed up the coast towards Big Sur.
We saw elephant seals the size of VW busses, stopped at McWay Falls, ate lunch at Nepenthe Cafe,
and were enamored by the views at Bixby Bridge.
This was by far the most beautiful 8 hour drive I've ever been on!
Our only regret was not taking 2 days to make this drive.
Next time we hope to stay overnight in a yurt at Treebones Resort.
Happy Wednesday, brave ones.
What's your favorite thing about Big Sur?

{West Coast Road Trip: Santa Cruz}

I remember falling in love with Santa Cruz the first time Twinner took me there 7 years ago.
I was so thankful we made it one of our stops along our journey up the coast!
We drank coffee at Verve, ate Penny's ice cream for lunch, toured the lighthouse at Seabright Beach, and watched the boys catch waves on borrowed surf boards at 36th and East Cliff.
It was a memorable day to say the least!

{West Coast Road Trip: Ashland}

One might think it would be weird to walk into a strangers house in the middle of the night,
but when you've waited 4 long years to hug a person I assure you this is completely normal behavior.
Let me explain ...
About a month after I started blogging I received an email from Andrea in Oregon.
I knew right away she was a good egg --
a comfortable easy chair that I had truly hoped to one day meet in person.
This summer that dream came true when we stopped in Ashland on our drive up the coast.
It was truly magical.
Andrea made us homemade oatcakes for breakfast while we had hours of effortless conversation and enjoyed our fill of backyard peaches and grapes before heading up north to Maupin.
Looking back, I will always remember this visit by the welcome sign that greeted us on the front door at 3am, and leaving with the continued desire to somehow bridge the 2,297 miles between our families.
One thing I've learned and often say is, "friends are the family you get to choose."
I'm thankful to call the Brett, Andrea, Scout & Piper friends who've become family.
Happy Thanksgiving, brave ones.
Here's to spending it with those you love!

{West Coast Road Trip: Crater Lake}

On our way to Portland we stopped at Crater Lake National Park.
The views of Mount Hood were gorgeous!
We only wished we could have had more time to fish at Wizard Island.
Have you ever been to Oregon?
This was the point in our trip when we started to question our zip code.
The Pine State is AMAZEBALLS!

{West Coast Road Trip : Maupin, OR}

While in Maupin we caught redside's and steelhead and
ate amazing french toast and egg biscuits at a place called The Oasis.
Fishing on the Deschutes reminded me of being on the San Juan River
with its deep canyons and broad moving water.
It was gorgeous!
Kind of like seeing Mount Hood for the first time ...
but more on that later!
Happy Tuesday, y'all!

{West Coast Road Trip: Mount Hood}

Our day at Trillium Lake was filled with hammock naps, hikes, fishing, and
gorgeous views of Mt. Hood.
If you ever visit Portland, consider taking a day trip here since it's less than a 2 hour drive from the city!
Stay tuned for more photos of our adventures in Portland!
and ... Happy weekend, y'all!

{West Coast Road Trip: Portland}

While in Portland ...
We stayed at : an amazing Airbnb that was surrounded by hundreds of wild blackberry bushes.
We stuffed our bocas at : Pine State Biscuits, Produce Row, Tilt & Roman Candle Baking Co.
We caffeinated at : Coava, Heart, Stumptown, & Barista
We sugar crashed at : Salt & Straw, Blue Star Donuts, & Ruby Jewel
We visited : Schoolhouse Electric Co, Powell's Books, & Tanner Goods,
We had lots of great meals in Portland but my favorite was breakfast with Josh Garrels, his sweet wife Mitchy, and their three littles Heron, Shepherd & Peregrin.
Overall, Portland was beyond good to us and left us wanting to go back every summer!
The last day of our West Coast road trip was spend at Canon Beach.
More photos coming soon!
Happy Wednesday, y'all.

{West Coast Road Trip: Cannon Beach}

If you've been following our blog for awhile you know how we feel about The Goonies ...
We followed them size 5's all the way down to Cannon Beach and watched the dudes surf.
The babes got sand in every crevice and Molls and I daydreamed about our next trip to Portland.
Seeing Haystack Rock was a better than a freezer full of Mississippi Mud and Chocolate Eruption!
A day at the beach was a great way to end our West Coast Road Trip.
Can't wait to go back!
Happy Saturday, y'all.


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