{Meyer Christmas Tree Farm}

Friday, December 12, 2014

This was our second year to cut down our Christmas tree at Meyer Tree Farm.
We had a blast taking the Aunties and Jerry Garcia my dad with us!
Some highlights included :
Eating half a pan of Aunt Bill's Candy in the car ride to Indiana
Finding a bird's nest for Brave's first Christmas tree
Making it over the Ohio River without our 10ft Scotch Pine falling off the hood of the 4Runner
Dancing to Taylor Swift at 11pm as we bedazzled our tree with lights
Watching Tim & Auntie C perform Mariah Carey's O Holy Night with the Loerke family star.
I. love. my. family.
Happy Friday, brave ones!
What do you love most about your tree?


Anonymous said...

I love everything about this post. As a tradition, my family gets together at my parents farm of 150 acres and we wonder the snowy woods all day long pointing at trees saying, "Oh, what about that one? That's a nice one" before deciding on the ONE always just in the nick of time for sunset. It's usually a full day of laughter, fun, and even some eye rolling. Our trees are never perfectly shaped, and usually a little thin, and sometimes even a lot of scraggly, but always perfect for us.

lucinda smith said...

this is so festive and happy, i love it. my favorite thing about our tree is how every morning, without fail my 18mos old shouts "tree!" as soon as he sees it. xo

Angela said...

Finding that birds nest is just incredible! That's really special! And seriously, Brave couldn't be any cuter? She's just too much! :)

Hillienc said...

wowza. what a great weekend we had. Love your pics and love you all!
Timo makes me smile REALLY big and sway like a motown backup singer.
(my favorite thing about our tree, is that it is OUR tree. a real one collecting memories of our fine family.)

Val Fenton said...

I love that my 8 & 6 year old got to hang the decorations by themselves. It's full of homemade decorations. And I love that my 16th month old doesn't pay much attention to it. :)
I love the look on those two face that are singing. Such intensity!

Today's Letters said...

I love all of your favorite things and christmas tree memories!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! The Aunties are great!! :-)
We set up the tree just one or two days ahead of christmas here, and the kids ususally dont get to see it until the christmas night. the 'christ child' decorates it and puts the presents around it. the room is locked. so it is all festive to enter the christmas tree lighted room at christmas night.

AmyBuchanan14 said...

Jerry Garcia ;) Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Mandi Kay said...

Ornaments. I grew up in a Jewish family so ornaments are very special to me.

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