{Merry Christmas!}

Friday, December 26, 2014

We hope your Christmas was spent with those you love celebrating the birth of our Savior!
I was reminded a hundred times over the importance of family and His grace.
Some highlights included:
 Attending Christmas Eve service with the Aunties
Stringing popcorn and cranberries on our tree
Watching A Christmas Story while drinking Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bourbon Milkshakes
Eating gingerbread waffles Christmas morning.
Watching Brave play with string and her new Elmo doll.
Taking our annual Christmas walk.
What was the highlight of your Christmas?
Happy Friday, brave ones!


Kristina said...

Merry Christmas Loerkes! Christmas is always the highlight of the year for me because it means celebrating the greatest gift of all with my entire family. Nothing beats that. That it started snowing last night was a bonus that made me really happy :)

Mary said...

Because of our work schedules, my husband and I spent our first Christmas on our own. It was different, but we made the most of it with a delicious brunch and dinner - and great Christmas naps!

~Love Lis said...

Looks like such a wonderful Christmas! I can see that my Henry wasn't the only one who received a peek-a-boo Elmo for Christmas. :) xo

nancy said...

Your blog brings me back to myself. Thank you for reminding me to take stock of the little things.

Hannah J said...

I love the picture of your Dad (I think??) and Brave. I love the expression on her face. Jaxon smiles like that at my Dad.

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