{West Coast Road Trip} Cannon Beach

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

If you've been following our blog for awhile you know how we feel about The Goonies ...
We followed them size 5's all the way down to Cannon Beach and watched the dudes surf.
The babes got sand in every crevice and Molls and I daydreamed about our next trip to Portland.
Seeing Haystack Rock was a better than a freezer full of Mississippi Mud and Chocolate Eruption!
A day at the beach was a great way to end our West Coast Road Trip.
Can't wait to go back!
Happy Saturday, y'all.


Hannah J said...

Surfing in December seems a little crazy. I'm sure there are people down in Cornwall who will be out in the sea even now. Then again given how mild it is right now I'm sat in a t-shirt and I'm not cold. Then again I do have a 19lb baby shaped hot water bottle strapped to my chest (and a brewing fat lip as he keeps head butting me. Still need to get the hang of this baby wearing thing!

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