{West Coast Road Trip} Maupin, OR

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

While in Maupin we caught redside's and steelhead and
ate amazing french toast and egg biscuits at a place called The Oasis.
Fishing on the Deschutes reminded me of being on the San Juan River
with its deep canyons and broad moving water.
It was gorgeous!
Kind of like seeing Mount Hood for the first time ...
but more on that later!
Happy Tuesday, y'all!


Krameymartin said...

Maupin is so magical. I'm so glad you guys hit it hard on your trip here! :)

Kristina said...

I always thought fishing must be boring but y'all make it look like so much fun! I guess I need to try it some time to see for myself :)

Anonymous said...

Em, I'm thankful for your vulnerability to send pieces of your adventures out into the interwebs. It's sweeter than honey to be able to see your beautiful photos from all around the country while I sit in my office doing repetitive and mundane tasks on icy winter days. Thank you!

Emily Maupin said...

My last name is Maupin! So I'm pretty sure I NEED to go there!!

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