{A Year-End Review} The Best of 2014

Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 was one of our craziest, sleepiest, and most favorite years yet!
Thank you for all of your support and kind words as you've watched us expand our family,
take cross country road trips, and live imperfect, messy lives marked by grace and forgiveness.
Can't wait to see what is in store for 2015!

This Year's Highlights:

1. Buying a Tempurpedic Biscuit ... Oh, Sweet Jesus! Best. Purchase. EVER.
2. Holding my First Baby Tiger & Kangaroo
3. Baking My First Derby Pie
4. Turning Our Beeswax into Candles
5. Catching Twinner Trout at Otter Creek
6. Feeding Baby Pigs at Rough Draft Farmstead's Cabin
7. Hosting Travelers From All Over the World Through Airbnb
8. Watching Snow Fall Over Mount Princeton
9. Seeing My Best Friend Catch a 26" Rainbow on the Animas River
10. Taking Jacklyn Journey's Floral Arrangement Class
11. Laboring 29 Hours for the Birth of sweet Brave Richmond Loerke
12. Spending my 34th Birthday Fly Fishing with Twinner
13. Picking Blueberries at Bryant's Blueberry Farm
14. Running My First 9 Minute Mile Since High School
15. Watching the Sunset in Malibu
16. Seeing Tim Get Up on A Surfboard in Santa Cruz
17. Driving Up the Coast to Big Sur
18. Meeting Andrea & Piper Peach in Oregon
19. Seeing Crater Lake For The First Time
20. Catching My First Redside on the Deschutes
21. Eating Wild Blackberries in Portland
22. Splitting Our Beehive
23. Pickling My First Homegrown Okra
24. Watching the Head & The Heart Play at Iroquois Amphitheater
25. Selling Our Eggs for Ice Cream Monies
26. Eating Funnel Cake at the St. James Art Fair
27. Hatching Our First Chicks
28. Picking Raspberries with my Papa in Black Mountain
29. Catching My Biggest Brown Trout in Brookville
30. Being Guided by Orvis' Guide of the Year On The Watauga
31. Cutting Down Brave's First Christmas Tree
32. Finishing our 3rd Floor Loft Remodel

Favorite Songs (in no particular order):
1. Born Blind - Emily Wolfe
2. Pear Tree - The Lowest Pair
3. Big Eyes - Matt Corby
4. Stay Alive - Jose Gonzalez
5. Down In the Valley - The Head & the Heart
6. The Truth Is a Cave - The Oh Hellos
7. By My Side - Valley Maker
8. Here with Me - Susie Suh & Robert Koch
9. Soul Shaker -  Sean Hayes
10. Big Black Car - Gregory Alan Isakov
11. Bloodstream - Stateless
12. Lucky I got What I Want - Jungle
13. Pulaski At Night - Andrew Bird
14. Time is Dancing - Ben Howard
15. Blank Space - Taylor Swift
16. Thousand - Horse Feathers

Best Albums of the Year:

1. I Forget Where We Were - Ben Howard
2. 1989 - Taylor Swift
3. I Want to See Pulaski At Night - Andrew Bird

Favorite Concerts / Live Events:

1. The Head & The Heart (Louisville, KY)

Favorite Books:
1. Redemption by Mike Wilkerson
2. Notes from a Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreinder
3. Divergent by Veronica Roth
4. 7 by Jen Hatmaker

Favorite Videos:

1. Shower by Homeland
2. Endless by Homeland
3. Brave's Birth Video

Favorite Eats (in no particular order):
1. Toast on Market: Bacon and Egg Sandwich & Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Louisville, KY)
2. Jeni's: Banana French Toast Ice Cream (Nashville, TN)
3. Mas Tacos: Fried Avocado Taco (Nashville, TN)
4. Barista Parlor: Salted Caramel Whisky Latte & Bourbon Barrel Scone (Nashville, TN)
5. Gralehaus: Biscuit with Duck Gravy, Speculoos Crepe & KY Cortado (Louisville, KY)
6. The Filling Station: Chai Latte & Apple Bacon Muffin (Kansas City, MO)
7. The Fritz: Ahi Tuna & Mac 'n cheese (Salida, CO)
8. Peace of Art Cafe: Carrot, Beet, Apple & Lemon Juice & (Del Norte, CO)
9. Brown Dog Coffee Shop: Pumpkin Cupcake (Buena Vista, CO)
10. Mission Taco: Fish Tacos (St. Louis, MO)
11. Gralehaus: Brownie & Maple Cortado (Louisville, KY)
12. Penny's Ice Cream: Candied Buddah's Hand (Santa Cruz, CA)
13. Salt & Straw: Stumptown Coffee & Burnside Bourbon (Portland, OR)
14. Stella's: Reuben Sandwich and Blackberry Soda (Lexington, KY)

Favorite Coffee & Tea:

1. Quay Coffee: Chai (Kansas City)
2. Heart Coffee Roasters: Chai (Portland, OR)
3. BV Roastery: Dirty Hippy (Buena Vista, CO)
4. Gralhaus: Maple Cortado (Louisville)
5. Quills: Autumn Cortado (Louisville)
6. Sunergos: Pumpkin Spiced Latte (Louisville, KY)
7. Stumptown: Chai (Portland, OR)
8. Press Coffee: Cortado (Dayton, OH)
9. Hillbilly Tea Shack: Rocky Mountain Chai (Louisville, KY)
10. Barista Parlor: Bourbon Vanilla Latte (Nashville, TN)

Favorite Waters Fished:

1. Watauga River (TN)
2. South Holston River (TN)
3. Deschutes River (OR)
4. Davidson River (NC)
5. Otter Creek (KY)
6. Brookeville Tailwaters (IN)
7. Chalk Lake (CO)
8. Animas River (CO)
9. San Juan River (NM)
10. Colorado River (CO)
11. Caney Fork River (TN)

Favorite New Insta Accounts:

1. @beccaskinner
2. @the_wild_trout
3. @gracerosephotography
4. @maddiebrenneman
5. @carla_malloy
6. @flylords
7. @grocefamilyfarm
8. @davemccoyewa
9. @flycaster_patrick
10. @blackbiirdfly

Looking forward to 2015 because ...

1. Ben Howard Concert in Nashville
2. Going sledding with Brave
3. Fly Fishing on the Cumberland River
4. Running a family 10K
5. Celebrating 10 Years with Timothy James in Montana
6. Camping in Yellowstone National Park
7. Hiking in the Cascades
8. Watching Brave take her first steps
9. Growing sweet potatoes and cabbage
10. Seeing this movie with a side of this
11. Taking more road trips and landing more trout {duh}

Come out and show yourself, 2015. We're ready!
Em, Tim, Brave & River


Elizabeth said...

Love this list! Thanks for sharing...also tempurpedic biscuit is the best ever!! Happy New Year!

Kristina said...

Emily, this is beautiful! I already told you on insta yesterday that I loved your "looking back on 2014"-pictures but the beginning of the new year definitely wouldn't have been the same without a real year end review post. So awesome! Loved that you included insta accounts and coffee shops this year. And I have to ask: What is a Dirty Hippie? :D
Happy new year Loerkes!

The Real Me- TLF said...

Love it! Already made a Today's Letters Playlist on Spotify so I can hear some awesome new music!

Jordan said...

Where are you going in Montana!? I've been going every summer for 11 years. Most beautiful place I've ever been!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family photo!! Looking forward to taking the time to listen through all the chosen songs! Thanks for writting it all together!

Anonymous said...

PS. Congrats on the 9 mile! I wish I could say that! Awesome Em!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Yay for road trips and baby steps.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

PS Thanks for all the insta links. I love finding new instagramers.

Laura said...

So many great recommendations here!!! You'll have me busy for weeks!! Love it, thanks! :)

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