{The Wheel}

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Being back in the studio yesterday was like riding a bike! A little wobbly at first but then smooth sailing.
I can't tell you how life giving it's been as a mom to still make time and space to do the things I love.
Looking forward to the next four weeks of slinging clay with my sweet friends Moll's & Kate!
If you live in Louisville and are interested in taking a pottery class be sure and check out
Payne Street Pottery Studio.
This is my third class there and Tonya and Amy are incredible teachers!
Happy Tuesday, brave ones!


Kate Leichhardt said...

If I remember correctly, you were making cylinders like a boss. I'm ready for next week. Mugs on mugs on mugs. #cheers

Kendra Castillo said...

How fun! I did pottery back in high school before switching over to fine art but this brings back such good memories :)

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