{Gratitude Lately}

Friday, February 27, 2015

Lately I've been thankful for a place where everyone knows your name.

For colors brighter than a Crayon box.

For maple cortados and biscuits with duck gravy.

For sweet company while working.

For melting ice and morning sun.

For a best friend who watches my babe so I can go to the doctor.

For matte white glaze and recycled clay.

For corrective lenses and the ability to see.

And for KY cabins covered in snow.
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy Friday, brave ones!
What have you been thankful for lately?


Casey Adkins said...

Hmmm....let's see. A trip to Lowe's with my Daddy to pick out hexagon tiles for the bathroom floor. Oh and have mercy, the prospect of finally, finally bringing my washer and dryer inside the house after seven years of doing laundry in a detached laundry room. I will absolutely be grateful when I don't have to pull on snow boots to wash a load of towels!

Anonymous said...

Lately, I am thankful for moments where I feel happy and not as affected by the stories on the news, for the flecks of bright blue in my husband's eyes and mornings I am able to spend doing nothing but staring at them, for inspiration from bloggers to finally take that pottery class I've been rolling around in my mind for years, for half price gear at our local outdoor shop's annual winter sale, and for heaters that keep us toasty warm in the middle of southern cold snaps.


Elizabeth said...

Your clay mug turned out so beautifully! I've been thankful for sunny skies on days off of work and for a comfy biscuit on cold nights.

Jordan Raley said...

Lately I've been thankful for a husband who has handled rejection with more grace than expected, a 9month babe whose laughter is contagious, for snow that stills the world, and for lots of coffee for late nights.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Orange blossoms. Thoughtful friends who send happy mail. People who share their gift of music. Grapefruit drizzled with honey.

Rebecca said...

Honestly, lately I have been grateful for medication that help with chemical imbalances in the brain. :) I am happy today and grateful that I can be grateful!

putter said...

Thankful for a tiny pup who snuggles me while my husband is out of town...for crisp air on morning walks...for a daughter who texts from Nicaragua to let me know she's safe and happy and will be home soon...for reflection during this season of Lent...and for the gift of another day!

Molly McMom said...

For our new house in upstate New York after a very stressful 4 months trying to move from Maine, for Friends on Netflix, air mattresses & good Chinese take out!

Rachel said...

Did you make that mug? It's beautiful!

I am thankful for meals with friends, quite times of prayer and meditation, and the beauty of snow.

Val Fenton said...

Conversations with my brother, even if it's via text. We still get each other's jokes.
Having a husband who supports my crazy ideas on how to raise money for NICUs. And for a community who also jumps on board: that's important too ;)
And as always, blogs that ask me what am I grateful for.

Anonymous said...

For flowers on the balcony that make me look forward to spring.
For sunny carneval days and a city where young and old can dance and celebrate carneval on the street togehter.
For hope.

Julie said...

BUSCUITS WITH DUCK GRAVY!! And your sweet baby. Just stop it all. All of it. And Timmy Tim a few posts up, too. Just precious!

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