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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Dear Timothy James, yesterday I woke up to the sound of you scraping ice off of my car before you left for work. Bonus points for making me smile in the dark before my eyes were even open. Dear Montana, we're coming for you! Can't wait to celebrate 10 years of marriage while fly fishing in Yellowstone this May. Dear Single Baby, I like to think you were channeling your inner Beyonce when you woke up from your nap. I'm crazy in love with you. Dear Mr. Loerke, whenever I come back from running errands I look up and see you and Brave waving in our bedroom window. Your welcome home makes getting out in rush hour traffic worth it.

Happy Saturday, y'all! What are you looking forward to today?


Michelle Dack said...

I love reading your blog, thanks for sharing your family!!

I'm excited to get my puppy today! Driving 8 hrs to get her, but getting to sightsee along the way!

Anonymous said...

I looked forward to keep myself busy ... tried to enjoy the sun and get in a happier mood. sometimes hard but I tried.
loved your post.

Mari said...

Love when you do your daily letter blog post format.

Salish22 said...

I've love reading about how you guys do life for years. I'm so happy that you're coming to Montana! That place holds a huge place in my heart and will always be home. My family has been fishing on that river for decades. I can't wait for you to experience the Big Sky in all its glory. You won't believe the sunsets and the smell of the mountain air in the morning.

Chetna said...

Thank you for making me smile :) hugs

heartofjoy said...

I don't know who you're fly-fishing with, but you should give my friends at Flying Pig Adventure Co. in Gardiner a call. Brogan or Tyler would be your guides and they're the best! My husband and I met working out there. You will love every second! Hellsaroarin' outfitters does overnight fishing trips as well. Flying Pig also has places to stay our you can visit our friends at the Headwaters for a B and B. Charissa, the owner is a doll. Or see Liza at North Yellowstone Hostel and Lodge. Those are all some of the BEST people I've ever met. Obviously, I have too much to say about this FAVORITE place of mine both in and out of the park. My husband was a whitewater guide and a park tour guide for a while and we went back to get married there. We'd be happy to give you lists of favorite hikes and secret places if you'd like!

Today's Letters said...

michelle, i'm so excited for you! 8 hours to get your pup means you are already the perfect pup mama :) will pray you get some extra naps this week! xo!

anony, it's been super cloudy and cold in louisville lately. the sun makes such a difference! proud of you for persevering.

mari, i wish i had time to do them more often! thanks for your sweet words.

salish22, can't wait to see my first montana sunset. so thankful you get to call that place home :)

heart of joy, you are so sweet to connect us with good folks! as of now we already have our fly fishing guides booked (some friends of a fried), as well as an airbnb to stay in. we plan on spending a few days in glacier fishing at trout lake, but would love to know of any places to eat or hikes you'd recommend! thanks again! xoxo, em

Rachel Simmons said...

Youre going to FLIPPING love Montana!!!!! It'll stay in your heart forever.
I have an prenantal appt with my Dr. And hubs today! 14wks and counting, then my nanny job and young adults small group tonight! good day

heartofjoy said...

oh fun! Well, favorite hikes: Osprey Fall- 9 mile in and out loop, pretty flat most of the way, then you descend to the falls and its beautiful. Hardly anyone there usually. You can add the Bunson hike on for just a couple of extra miles and you get some nice views. Trout Lake: Its only about 3 miles but early-season (when you'll be there) its amazing and peaceful. at the right times, you can watch the trout spawn and the otters play on the logs. If you get out the Lamar valley with a spotting scope early enough in the morning, you can often see wolves or grizzlies. Definitely worth it. Jenny Lake hike in the Teton area is really really beautiful. Mt. Washburn is a favorite with an awesome view. And Sepulcher is so hard, but very work it. The views are amazing. And obviously, you'll have to see Grand Prismatic, Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, upper/lower falls and the like!

Enjoy Glacier!! Flathead is amazing. IF you go through Missoula on the drive, you may enjoy Kettlehouse Brewing (Cold Smoke is where its at!).

Most importantly...HAVE SO MUCH FUN!

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