{A Kickstarter Worth Backing} John Lucas

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Two years ago one of you introduced me to the talented John Lucas by sending me the above video.
Afterwards, I downloaded his album on on Noise Trade and
liked it so much it was the only thing I listened to in my car for months!
Every song moved me, especially this one.

A few months later, one you sent me his Pursuit of Bravery video when I was pregnant with our little girl.
{As if I needed another reason to name our first born Brave!}

A few weeks I had the privilege of meeting Lucas, his wife Danielle, and his brother Judson.
I was so encouraged to hear more about his passion for music and desire to produce a full-length album!
Over the years I've backed a handful of projects on Kickstarter.
I can't tell you how blessed I think you'll be by supporting Lucas' project.
Be sure and head over to his Kickstarter page and watch his latest video!
Only 6 days left to get in on this goodness.
You'll be happy you did.
Happy Thursday, brave ones.


Katie said...

Learned about John Lucas on your blog awhile back, and it's some of my absolute favorite music now. Super excited for this new album! Thanks for sharing.

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