{Paris of the Plains}

Monday, March 09, 2015

Every time I go back to Kansas City I always do two things :
Crank up this song & drive straight to Joe's for a Z-man and a Boulevard Wheat.
It's tradition.
Seeing this video made me miss it.
What do you love most about your hometown?


Anonymous said...

My hometown is teeny tiny, so there aren't any places to really remember going to. But it has some just gorgeous rural country roads that get me going every time. My parents live on one of those roads and it is like a hundred pounds of stress come off my shoulders when we are there visiting. I miss it right now!

Jo Farmer

Papa said...

Come visit already!

Jillian Schuller said...

Child hood friends. We've all long since moved away to create our own adventures, but they're always on my heart!

Kimbojamma said...

Hi Emily! Still keeping up with your blog tho it's many posts I read at a time!! My home town? Omaha....r
Runzas, french onion soup from the French Cafe, my mommy!

Love your baby...such a sweetie!! She looks so much like both of you!!

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