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Monday, March 30, 2015

Dear Timothy James, over weekend we bought a wood burning stove. This felt like a right of passage, kind of like when we purchased our first reading lamp and snow shovel. Dear Brave, the map above your crib has temporarily been moved into the guestroom until you no longer desire to eat Mexico. I promise, guacamole tastes better than paper. Dear Whole30, for the past three years you and I have kicked of April together. Here's to another month of eating clean and having hot snakes for days. Dear Husband, next month we celebrate 10 years of marriage. TEN YEARS. Looking forward to fishing with you in Montana just as much as I am roasting our first S'mores together on the stove this fall!

Happy Monday, brave ones! Twinner challenged me to feel my healthiest by our 35th birthday (June 8th). I've recently become a Plexus ambassador in an attempt to take my healthy living to a new level. Lemme know if you're interested in hearing more about it or in joining me for Whole30 on Wednesday! Until then, I'm going to be enjoying every bowl of ice cream and cupcake I can get my hands on.


Kristina said...

Em, I think it's amazing that you do the Whole30 every year. After you did it the first time I remember you saying that you didn't want to stray far from the Whole30 path even without doing it fully. I obviously know (thank you Instagram) that you sometimes have sweet treats (and who would want to give them up for good) but other than that did you stick to it? And if yes, was it therefore easier to do the Whole30 again or did you experience it the same way as the first time? I hope you don't mind me being so curious ;-) Happy Monday!

Hannah said...

Jaxon has a thing about paper too - I ended up giving him the wax paper layer of my Subway packaging earlier - he loved scrunching it up while me and my friend ate our lunch.

Whole30 is Paleo right? (or related some how). We watched a whole documentary about different diets and which actually worked. Some are really bad and over a long period of time put too much stress on your body. Can't remember what they said about Paleo.

10 Years! Good effort! We're on 8 in May. Chris turns 30 in August and I turn 30 next April followed by our 10 years the year after! A whole heap of celebrations going to happen I think!

Haley Reeves said...

Emily, I've done Whole30 twice and I'm really debating doing it again. I've been training for my first half marathon and will complete it on April 19th. I'm kind of thinking Whole30 would be a great way to give me the extra energy I'm definitely going to need! Yeah?

Amber said...

Kicking off my April Whole24 today! I did a ton of food prep last night. Avoided free treats in my work kitchen and feeling great so far!

Ashley Reynolds said...

Heck, why not? Em, I'll join you on the Whole 30 journey for the month of April! I just did one in January, so it shouldn't be too difficult getting back into the mindset again so quickly.
I better indulge in some sweet treats before Wednesday hits, too!
High five - let's do this! :)

Alysa said...

I was wondering when you would have to move the map!

When will you be in Montana? And where? And how can I get there to hug your neck?


Today's Letters said...

Kristina, you have a memory like a trapdoor! the first time i did whole30 i did it for 4 months straight, not straying hardly at all from it. over time i gradually started incorporating sugar, dairy, grains, and alcohol back into my diet. (mainly out of laziness and desires to eat what sounded good!). i've done whole30 each april because it's the time of year my body starts to come out of it's winter hibernation and just feels blahhh. The cleans has also been a great reminder that denying myself things I crave can be a good thing. I want to continue to grow in discipline and integrity, while not feeling self-entitled! Each time I do Whole30 it gets easier mainly because I'm not racking my brain on what foods I can / cannot eat. It's still a challenge for me though to say "no" to things, especially sugar. Feel free to ask more questions if you have them!

han, isn't it amazing the simple things our babes can be fascinated with? whole30 is a little more strict than paleo. you should check out their website! it's awesome! http://whole30.com/ ... PS- congrats on almost 8 years of marriage! Something to be proud of :)

Haley, girl you're a whole30 vet if you've already done it twice! i'd definitely jump on again if you're training for a half. it'll only help you feel even better. just be sure and make sure you're consuming enough calories to make up for the ones you're burning while training.

amber, way to go! i remember how hard that was to be around all those sweets. i avoided our work's kitchen like the plague! proud of you.

ash, confession: i ate an entire chocolate bunny today because i know wed will be here before i know it! thanks for jumping in with me ... LET'S ROCK THIS.

al, it was about time wasn't it? ;) We'll be in Montana May 27th - June 2nd. Mostly around Bozeman / Big Sky / Glacier / Trout Lake area. Will you be there for baseball again this summer?? MUST SEE YOUR FACE!!!

Lo. said...

I love the idea of your little one chewing on Mexico, maybe it's her way of saying 'let's travel, mama!'

Thanks for sharing such sweet thoughts, the idea of having my own little person is just too exciting! Also, hells yeah to the log burner!

Hannah Scho said...

I have been praying about doing the Whole 30 and was convicted to do it..and then almost talked myself out of it [again]. But I think God might have been giving me a little nudge with his elbow by having me read this. I'm in. I'm going to start Monday after Easter! I have been doing no sweets for Lent so that will give me a couple of days to indulge and then jump back into healthier eating! I'm thankful to have others doing it "with" me!

Also, I JUST talked to a Plexus ambassador and my husband and I are considering giving it a try. What products are you using for yourself and why?

Today's Letters said...

lo, that or give me some tacos! i'd take either :) And babes are amazing! Way cooler than I ever could have imagined.

hannah, YEAH! Glad you're gonna jump in with us. I'm about to head out for my last dairy kastle. Yums! PS, shoot me an email at em@todaysletters.com and we can discuss Plexus shiz!

Kristina said...

Thank you for being so open and answering all my questions!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea about a healthy month. I always eat good (at least I think) - but will try to eat less chocolate and more vegatable in April. Hope I will have the strength to do it. Love to hear more about it!

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