{Gratitude Lately}

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Lately I've been thankful for coffee & records.

For wood burning stoves and winter's end.

For muscle sprouts and happy hens.

For unexpected evening's at home with the bok bok's.

For a surprise bag of coffee found in our cupboard. #twinnerwashere

For the city we call home.

And for simple things that remind me of places I love. 
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy Tuesday, brave ones.
What have you been thankful for lately?


Lindsay Hufford said...

I almost laughed out loud at the "Bok boks". Our youngest turns 2 in June and he calls our hens the Bok boks as well :).
I am thankful for flowers springing up all over the yard, walks to the pond down the dirt road to hear peepers and see swans, and running outside without gloves and a hat. Yay spring!

Jessie Heath said...

LOVE the bok boks!

I'm thankful for 6 a.m. workouts with the roomie, fresh produce and locally-grown meals, and peppers, tomatoes, and onions that seem to be thriving on our tiny patio garden.

Melanie G said...

Lately i'm thankful for loving vets who kiss my puppy when she has another double ear infection. For husbands who fold all the socks and underoos. For bushes showing their first buds of Spring. For sisters who countdown the minutes to our next reunion. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for open windows and the spring breezes they let in, for green grass and new leaves, for husbands who work so hard and selflessly in school so they can provide us with a good life, for a return to a normal sleep schedule, and for bananas dipped in cream top strawberry yogurt. Also, bacon.

Jo Farmer

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog for a few years now. Your Gratitude Lately's are my favorite. It was so cool to read this post and see our local roaster Perc Coffee from Savannnah! My church serves this to us every Sunday and it's absolutley delicious. I hope you love it!


Anonymous said...

*for sun after a week of rain
*for a wonderful easter breakfast
*for flowers on the table
*for old friends who call
*for sleeping 40 hours in 4 'off work' easter holiday days
*for a wonderful trip to a spanish island
*for reading time in between sauna on vacation
*for the cake that finally turned out well after a couple of times trying

Val Fenton said...

I was standing in the washrooms of my girls' gymnastics facility and a young lady was about to leave, she turned back and came up to me and said "I just wanted to tell you that God has a special plan for your life & He loves you so much.". I'm grateful for words that I needed to hear today.

Heather in the Jaw said...

Thankful today for a digestive tract that is settling back into its normal rhythm, for journeys far and wide, for a sister who understands my affection for anything involving yeast, cinnamon, and sugar, and for the love I get to wake up next to each and every day.

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