{The Gorge}

Thursday, April 16, 2015

1. Only a 2 hour drive from Louisville
2. Home to some of the best rock climbing east of the Mississippi
3. Slacklining at Miguel's
4. Trout Streams
5. Rappelling at Natural Bridge
6. Driving through Nada Tunnel
7. Pizza & Ale-8 at Miguel's
8. Camping near Ledford Arch
9. Over 500 miles of hiking trails
10. Did we mention Miguel's
So thankful we got to spend Sunday outside!
Happy Thursday, y'all.


Anonymous said...

My kind of weekend! As you know, Em, i love the outdoors! And yes, indeed, Brave rocks that Bandana! Nothing any "cutier"! xxoo. pam from in

Katherine A. said...

All three of my kids would have ripped that bandana immediately off their heads!!! I don't know how you do it!!!

Your baby is the cutest!!!

Timothy Loerke said...

Katherine, it's an allusion. She would wear for 10-15min maybe...I could be even exaggerating. Ideally we would have used the sun shade for the pack but we realized it wasn't in the pouch. It's such a blessing to grow in selflessness when looking out for our children! Thankful for the moments when we get to look out for her...makes our love grow deeper!

MariJean Sanders said...

Miguel's = favorite place.

Anonymous said...

Brave in that bandana. Too cute.

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