{A Year Worth Celebrating}

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Last week we celebrated Bravey's Bee-day the only way we know how --
with lots of great BBQ, corn hole, and time with family and friends!
Tim brewed his first batch of IPA & Twinner roasted coffee for everyone to take home,
because lets be honest ...
a babes first birthday is really more of a celebration that the parents are still alive.
Happy Bee-day, Brave.
Your life has truly made ours sweeter.


Caitlin B. said...

What a sweet girl and what a sweet birthday! I love that little cake. Darling. Everything about the party is darling!

Mandie said...

That cake looks amazing & I LOVE her "surprised" picture. So cute. :)

Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Bee (and well done, 'rents!!!)!!

Ps: mind if I ask where your sandals are from? I'm on the hunt for a leather pair and yours look exactly like what I was picturing getting.

Twinner said...

The fun hogging continues! Bravey is well on her way to turning TWO. What a fun way to celebrate her first year with such a fun group of friends.

Can't wait for our epic week of Braveysitting!!!

Bu - bee & auntie C

Today's Letters said...

thanks caitlin & mandie! y'all are so sweet.

mary, they are pipers! made in austin, tx and typically have a 2 month wait list, but are worth every penny!

twinny, bravey is so excited about her week with you and C! she looks at your photograph on the fridge every morning before brekky and says bubbbbba.

Hayley G / Roots & Whim said...

What a fun celebration! This is how I imagine parties for our future children. Just simple gatherings, surrounded by close friends and family for a good time. Sounds right up our alley!

Mary said...

Thanks! Good things are (almost always) worth the wait and the pennies!

Ashley M said...

Happy birthday, sweet Brave!! The celebration of your first year looked awesome. It has been a joy to get to know you in nursery.

Meg - Life of Meg said...

An extra cute birthday bash for an extra sweet girl. Happy birthday, Brave, and WAY TO GO to you guys for surviving your first year! :)

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