{Black Mountain} Our Home Away From Home

Saturday, May 16, 2015

{Photo by Donnie Hedden}
{Photo by Donnie Hedden}

Last weekend's trip to Black Mountain was our favorite yet!
Some highlights included:
The drive {can we say that with a 1 year old?} It was beautiful!
Twinner's coffee #duh
Mornings in the hammock
Reading with the Aunties
Breakfast at Louise's
French Broad Chocolate Lounge {3 times in 24 hrs of course}
Donuts at Vortex
Playing corn hole at The Wedge
Getting our jackets repaired at Riverfest by the Worn Wear crew
Catching 50+ trout on the South Holston
Having the Patagonia family over for breakfast at the cabin
And falling asleep in the car while eating cookies {Bravey does it right}
Happy Saturday, y'all.
What trips are you excited about taking this summer?


Georgia said...

Looks beautiful. And your little is so adorable/fluffy/sweet! This summer (in a few weeks, actually!), I'm looking forward to getting married to my best friend on the island where we met, Crete, Greece :)

Twinner said...

this is such a beautiful letter, emma! we love that you feel our home is yours away from the HH; when you are here it fills our hearts and we revel in each memory until the next are made.

moving to black mountain has exceeded our wildest expectations and for so many reasons... one of the biggest is getting to see you, tim & brave so often. we love you so much!!

the aunties

Leigh-Anne said...

My parents are so excited to be taking my family(husband and 3yr old MJ) and my sis family(hubs + 7littles 14-4) to their favorite spot Three Rivers In Almont, CO. My dad has been in love with fly fishing for 16 years and goes here each summer while my mom exercises her love of photography by snapping the action and scenery. After following your blog for some time I felt like I had to at least TRY fly fishing on this trip. My daddy is THRILLED! We have been talking non stop about our upcoming adventure. Thanks for sharing your love of the sport my Daddy is grateful :) as am I.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about spending a week in our favourite place on earth: Jasper National Park! We camped there over May long weekend with our 8 month old girl, are returning next weekend for more hiking and rock climbing and then will be spending a week exploring the park by foot (backpack for the baby), kayak and canoe at the end of July!

Jessa Bee said...

I just found out that I am preggers!
I am trying to do a little research on different products that might be helpful when the babe arrives. Where did you guys find your baby backpack? It looks like it is really handy, and I always see you guys with it on all of your trips. That would be greatly helpful for the trips we take!

Today's Letters said...

georgia, your upcoming wedding sounds dreamy! so excited for y'all.

twinny, i'm so glad you and c are so close. much closer than the bay and that makes my heart full for so many reasons.

la, i'm so proud of you for stepping out and trying fly fishing! it will be one of your favorite memories with your papa.

ash, way to keep rockin life with a little! hope your time is wonderful :)

jessa, congrats! that's so exciting! we have the osprey poco pack and love it!

Anonymous said...

my husband and I (and our pup!) are headed to the blue ridge mountains in two weeks. where is your favorite place near asheville to camp? best hikes? thanks! :)
-molly m

Today's Letters said...

Mols, definitely do Lookout Trail in Montreat and Rattlesnake in Ridgecrest. Both are fairly easy and rewarding views. FYI, Lookout is a little harder rock scramble than Rattlesnake. Also, we love camping at the Davidson River campgrounds! It's about a 40 min drive from downtown Ash.

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