{Happy 35th Twinner!}

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

She inspires me more than she knows, gives up an afternoon to really listen when she asks how you are, and roasts the best coffee I've ever had.
I'm truly the luckiest to have this girl as my wombmate and now auntie to Brave!
Happy 35th Birthday, sweet Twinner.
You are loved more than camping in the VW and morning hugs from the Blue Ridge Mountains!
: : :
PS - you may remember me mentioning back in April a goal Twinner and I had to feel the healthiest we've ever felt by our 35th Birthday.
Thankfully, both of us can say with integrity that we really do!
Completing Whole30 in April and starting Plexus was a great jump start for me towards better health.
I began sleeping better, had an increase in energy, and felt more emotionally balanced as I weened Brave at 13 months from breast feeding.
Tim also started taking Plexus after seeing the positive impact it was having on my body.
I'm so thankful to feel the healthiest I've ever felt in my mid-thirties!
Here's to growth and goals!
Happy Tuesday, y'all.


lucinda smith said...

happy birthday! cheers to your health and happiness!!

Jordan said...

Happy birthday to you both!

Regarding weening--what is your secret? How did it go? So interested to see how it works as Sam is a month behind Brave and I want to ween him about now as well.

Haley Reeves said...

Happy Birthday Emily! BTW you have the same birthday as my dear friend Ineke. You remind me of her in that you share a love for adventure. She is currently working at a boarding school in Alaska with her husband but will be coming home for good next year. Have a fantastic day!

Today's Letters said...

thanks lucinda! it was a wonderful birthday!

jordan, man, it was tough! we transitioned her to cow's milk at 12 months for her afternoon nap which helped. once my milk supply leveled out we did cow's milk in the evening as well so i was only nursing her once in the morning. slowly i started giving her cow's milk at breakfast instead of nursing which dropped my supply so she was eventually only taking cow's milk from a bottle. i'd put peppermint oil on my chest at night to help slow milk production as i was trying to ween ... it helped! but there was definitely a week where it was really uncomfortable. you just gotta get through it! you got it mama!

Anonymous said...

Happiest of birthdays to you Emily! Thank you for sharing your adventures and family with us. I am continually inspired by you! My son is 9 months and I am getting anxious about weaning around a year. I have ha several friends struggle with the emotional side of weaning. Would love to hear your experience

Josh and Haley said...

Happy birthday to you both! And weaning was always so bittersweet! And can you tell us more about plexus! Which product do you recommend? The website has so much!

Today's Letters said...

anony, thankfully brave and i were both ready to give up nursing around the same time so weening wasn't too hard. i will say emotionally it was very bittersweet. it was such a great way for us to bond! hormonally plexus has really helped my emotions as my body balances out from weening. i can honestly say that i look back on my 13 months of nursing with brave as the sweetest season, but also look forward to the next 13 months of finding new ways to stay connected to her!

josh & haley, send me an email to em@todaysletters.com and i can explain more! xoxo!

Meg - Life of Meg said...

Wishing YOU a very happy birthday! Thanks for sharing your life with us - it's been a fun ride to follow along in your many seasons of life! :)

Kristen Beichler said...

Happy Birthdays, you two!

So funny, my birthday is this week, as well! And I just weaned my baby (from exclusive pumping). I was surprised that it was a little bittersweet (*so* happy to be done!), although of course it wasn't emotional for him, as he's always had the bottle. :)
Congrats on nursing for 13 months! I have a feeling the best bonding is yet to come. :)

Thank you for being brave every day! You inspire me.

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