{Visiting Yellowstone}

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Tim and I were absolutely blown away by the beauty of Yellowstone!
We watched kayakers on the Madison, saw elk, buffalo, a moose, geysers, waterfalls, and drank Montucky beer while we caught wild brown and rainbow trout.
It was truly a magical two days!
What do you love most about Yellowstone?

{Fly Fishing Yellowstone : Lake McDonald : Avalanche Lake : Belgrade, MT}


Amber said...

Swimming in the Yellowstone River on a hot Augudt day. Flloating along in the mild current, watching elk graze in the distance.

lau.mett said...

I love the wild colors of the hot springs, the plenteous bison, the sheer magnitude of earth and sky in such stark yet harmonious contrasts. In short, everything!

Mandie said...

Beautiful. I've never been to Yellowstone but I sure would love to.

As usual, awesome pics. :)

Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

Mandy Lulou said...

Yellowstone hasn't really been on my list of places to visit but these pictures are incredible and I could see myself going there now!

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