{Wade Lake} Ennis, Montana

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Camping at Wade Lake in Ennis, Montana was truly magical!
We woke up by the water and had a slow morning.
Becca made fruit quesadillas and we drank coffee before hitting the road for the Tetons.
I'm so grateful for my time with these women and with sweet August.
Their presence was easy and simple.
Just like the river!
Happy Tuesday, y'all.


Emily said...

What stunning photos. =)

Anne Miller said...

Love those lakes! Wade Lake is our go-to camping spot. So glad you got to experience that gorgeous water!

Val Fenton said...

Out of the blue my 6 yr old says "I want to go to Montana."
Why? "Because, I haven't been there."
We do live a mere 4 hours away. I guess I will be going there soon :)

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