{Black Mountain} North Carolina

Friday, July 17, 2015

We had another amazing week in Black Mountain with the Aunties!
Some highlights included:
Hiking in Montreat with Twinner and the pups
Picking wild raspberries with Brave
Eating {mostly} Paleo meals: coffee rubbed pork tenderloin, chicken tacos, and French toast
Naps in the hammock
Meeting Mike, E, Wyatt and Maeve
Camping in the Westy with Twinner
Drinking my first Aeropress coffee
Watching Brave walk around with a colandar on her head
Walking to Christmount with Tim
Evening trips to the Blue Cone for Ice Cream #duh
Grilling hamburgers with C's family
Hiking to Catawba Falls
Watching C catch her first wild rainbow
Happy Friday, y'all!


Emily MacDonald said...

Every time you post about a visit in the mountains, it makes me want to pack up and move there! Absolutely beautiful pictures, Emily!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you ever look happier than when you're with your family in Black Mountain. I love it. Your photos from there are always my most favorite.

Although your Harvest House and Grand Tetons photos are just riiiiiight about there with them.


Brooke Bock said...

Will you please write a book!?

Today's Letters said...

em, if you ever get a chance to visit Ash / Black Mountain I think you'd love it!

seedinthedirt, my family makes me so happy! i am grateful we get together as often as we do. i only wish we were neighbors.

brooke, you. are. the. sweetest. if i wrote a book i'd have at least one person who would read it! ;)

Josh and Haley said...

Such fun family time! Would you recommend black mountain/montreat for a family trip? We have little ones and love the mountains but have never been to that area. We have been to Asheville though:).

And that picture in black and white of you and your little one in the carrier is so precious! Love it! Such sweet memories y'all are making!

Today's Letters said...

josh & haley, definitely would recommend BM as a family destination! so many wonderful things to do and see there!

Diana said...

Hi Em, what a fantastic shoes on your feet! What brand they are? Have a good fun for you, Diana from Europe, Hungary

Today's Letters said...

Diana, they are chacos! Love them :)

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