{Brave Richmond Loerke} 15 Months

Monday, July 27, 2015

She likes to watch our chickens in the buff, take naps on the toilet, smell her pancakes before eating them, get stuck under her high chair, wear colanders on her head,
and eat her dirty toes more than the petrified Cheerios in her car seat.
I. love. this. girl.


Heather Counsellor said...

Beautiful Brave! Life bubbles out of you in puddles. :)

Hannah J said...

There's only 5 months between her and Jaxon but she seems soo much more grown up than him lol. Love the watching chickens in the buff but has her shoes on. I changed Jaxon's nappy on the living room floor earlier and he kept crawling away from me - this time next Summer i think I'm going to put his shoes on and if it's warm enough leave him to run round the garden "wild and free" so to speak lol.

MollyBea Williams said...

I like that she is in the buff but has her shoes on. Kids are great and you certainly have a cute one!

Today's Letters said...

heather, this girl ... loves life!

han, jax sounds like a true gift and right on track with his age :) shoes and no clothes is the way to go! if only that could fly for us adults ;)

mollybea, i think so too! we're always outside or playing in the water. clothes get wet and smell like stale strawberries at this age. #overrated

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