{Madison River} Montana

Friday, July 24, 2015

{Photo by Becca Skinner}
Our first night camping at Wade Lake we hit the Madison just before dinner to try and catch some trout.
Molls caught a beautiful 17" brown trout that took several minutes to land.
Shortly after, we watched our new river friend Tom, catch two brown trout on the same line.
{something I have only heard of happening but never seen in real life}.
Then Heid's hooked a massive 20" brownie with August on her back.
And just before sunrise I landed a pretty rainbow that was a team effort to net.
The fish were beautiful but our time with Tom was most memorable.
He shared a story that helped me recenter my heart as an angler.
Twenty years ago Tom taught a buddy of his how to fly fish.
He loved it so much that he eventually became a guide.
Last summer Tom's friend unexpectedly passed away.
He said he was always full of life and celebrated other people when they caught a fish.
{A rare gift among fly fishermen}
Watching the four of us women + 1 baby have so much fun high fiving each other and throwing fist pumps whenever one of us had a tight line made Tom feel like his buddy was on the Madison with us that night.
It was such a sweet and humbling compliment to be paid, especially since I was internally grumbling from snapping my new rod within 10 minutes of being on the water.
Thankful for Tom, these women, and for humble pie that often comes
when I least expect it but need it the most.
Happy Friday, brave ones.


Kristina said...

What a sweet story! I don't know anything about fishing but I never expected it to be competitive. So glad y'all were celebrating each other on the river :)

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