{BraveTV} Our Favorite Channel

Friday, September 04, 2015

{Porcelain snuggler :16 Months}

{Some things never change : 15 Months}

{They see me rollin, they hatin, patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty : 14 Months}

{We love the Aunties : 14 Months}

{Someone was busy learning new tricks while we were in Montana : 13 Months}

{Sometimes you just gotta ... : 13 Months}

{Fish Kisses : 12 Months}

{First Trip Down The Toy Isle : 12 Months}

{Shaky Legs! 11 Months}

{That hair. That Laugh. Not at all ornery, nope. 11 Months}

{Her raaaaar is so intimidating : 10 Months}

{Jazz Bath : 9 Months}

{Crib shenanigans : 9 Months}

{Caught Red Handed : 8 Months}

{Hats, Hugs, and Eskimo kisses : 7 Months}

{Entertaining A Baby Rocks : 6 Months}

{Rolly Polly : 3 Months}

{A Papa worth celebrating : 2 Months}

{Toot That Horn Sweet Bravey : 1 Month}

We decided to put together some of our favorite BraveTV clips since she was born.
Hopefully they'll make you laugh as much as we do.
Happy Friday, brave ones.
You made it!


Kristina said...

She is adorable! Your photos/videos of her on instagram always make me smile :)

Timothy Loerke said...

Yes! BraveTV is the only channel on at the Harvest House! Keep 'em coming B! You bring so much joy to Emma and me!

Amanda said...

This is so serendipitous - I just today stumbled upon your blog somehow and I actually met you guys at Willow Park one evening this past week (I'm Marcus's Mama ;) )! Anyway, LOVE your blog, and it was nice meeting you; you guys seem like such a sweet family! Have a great weekend!

Emily Seals said...

The toy aisle! Oh my heart. Thanks for sharing =)

Sian Therese said...

These are gorgeous, what beautiful snippets to look back on. Can you believe she was ever that tiny. My favourite was her new bath trick.

Stephanie said...

My favorite channel! :)

Kate Sawyer said...

Thank you so much for sharing your sweet girl with us! She is adorable: ) Looks like she is a happy, happy girl!

picture :: happiness said...

So stinkin cute

picture :: happiness said...

So stinkin cute

Patty said...

Watched every one and giggled. She's precious! And adorable. And did I mention precious?

Tori Thompson said...

What a sweet girl Brave is! You can't help but be happy when there's a sweet, smiley baby around :)

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