Thursday, September 24, 2015

What do you do with a 4 hour layover in Portland?
Rent a car, grab donuts at Blue Star, coffee at Heart, lunch at Lardo, and more coffee at the Ace Hotel.
{All worth a $90 parking ticket of course}.
What are your favorite places to visit in Portland?
It's quickly become one of my favorite cities!


Jen said...

I AM IMPRESSED! You did all of that in a 4 hour layover?! Way to go!
I loved buying a new dress at Bridge & Burn, right near the westside Heart.
On your next trip when you have more time check out Common Brewery, peruse home goods at Rejuvenation, then have a sit down dinner at The Farm Cafe. :)

Amanda said...

I used to live just south of Portland. My favorite spots were Stumptown on 3rd, the Saturday market, Heart for sure, and Cha Cha Cha for my favorite Mexican food. We're going back for a visit in November and I can't wait! I'm bringin' home alll the Stumptown.

Val Fenton said...

Prior to reading this post, I prolly woulda hung around the airport. Now? I would totally rent a car!! And will, if the occasion arises.

ElizSeg said...

Pine State Biscuit.

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