{BraveTV} 17 Months

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I found her here the other day during her milk thirty snack.
She's been attached to Tim's childhood bunny for months now.
She likes to lay it's ears over her eyes just like her Papa did!

Last week's moment of courage courtesy of the East Grinstead Car Wash.

We're runnin' around! Let's play, Brave! - Rowan Able

Whether your day is filled with solitude, persevering through something difficult,
or time spent outside with your favorite people, may you know how loved and cherished you are.
Happy Tuesday, y'all!


Timothy Loerke said...

I could watch these clips literally all day! Thank you for capturing these moments! I'm so grateful for your gift of pictures and videos. Our family will forever hold onto these!

Emily Seals said...

Oh gosh, the car wash video was so sweet.

Kristina said...

"Let's play Brave" - oh my goodness, seeing the two of them together is the cutest thing ever. How can your mommy heart stand witnessing that cuteness all day long? So precious!

Twinner said...

dear brave,

jacky doesn't like the car wash either. she usually ends up in my lap crying! don't worry, i'll teach you how to proper wash a car by hand.


bubby bubbles

Maria@Live Beautifully said...

I love your little Brave! You have such a gift for capturing feeling in your photos and videos! James had a freak out in his first car wash and Alice loudly exclaimed "Momma, he thinks we're in a dragon fight!" Haha

p laughlin said...

Dear Brave, it's okay to be frightened! And you are so blessed to have your very special brave momma near your side to guide and encourage you through those scary times! And your Papa too! What a dear little cherub face you have!!

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