{The Latest Harvest House Project}

Saturday, October 17, 2015

When we envisioned a room with a wood burning stove we never thought it would turn out this good!
No more awkward window looking into our neighbor's kitchen and
no more low hanging chandelier for Tim to hit his head on.
The built-in's are made of maple with reclaimed barn wood tops and our stove is a Morso 7110
that sits on a giant limestone slab.
The wall behind the stove is stucco that helps serve as a firewall.
We're so thankful for this room and they way it's allowed us to listen to more records
(where would we be without 5p dance parties to Sesame Street?).
We're also thankful for evenings spent by a warm fire while catching up on email and Grey's Anatomy.
Here's to a warm and cozy fall!
Happy Saturday, y'all!


Morgan said...

this post/picture of your new cozy living room is reason enough that computer keyboards need the heart eye emoji!

Emily Seals said...

Such a gorgeous transformation! I'm so happy for you guys. =)

Nina said...

My! I love this!

Jodi said...

Wowsa transformation! I love your style... and I love a good woodstove! Enjoy!

Heather Counsellor said...

What a great room and transformation! Wish we could all hire Tim & Em as interior decorators for our homes! Great job!

Today's Letters said...

morg, i second that with a stove emoji :)

em, thanks! it says a lot about someone's character when they can celebrate the successes of others as if they were their own. xo!

nina, if you're ever in KY ... you'll have to come and enjoy some stove s'mores with us!

jodi & heather, thanks you two! our style is so eclectic and wonky at times. i honestly have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to decorating. i think i stared at our new shelves for two days before knowing where to put things. a good thing to remember: keep only the things you use and love. everything else are just dust collectors. <3!

Anonymous said...

Who did the project? Was thinking of doing something similar in a house we bought last week.

Today's Letters said...

A friend of ours! Email me if you want his info ☺️ em@todaysletters.com

Claire said...

I love the way your decorating is about building space for quality time and community. And it looks fabulous, just the thing for curling up by with a hot chocolate and a good book!

Abigail Hobbs said...

This looks great! I envy your woodstove.

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